Pokemon Go Could Introduce A Subscription Service Soon

Pokémon GO launched in 2016, but the passage of time has only made it stronger and stronger. The title has gained depth over the years, adding new content, more comprehensive features, and many more challenges overall.

Niantic has worked to continue bringing variety to Android and iOS trainers. The novelties are released almost every month. A new addition could land shortly. A subscription system that has aroused the interest of the community.

The news account, TheSilphRoad, reported that data miner Marty Cochrane had found something really interesting in the game files. Diving into the Pokémon GO APK had found signs of a subscription system in the in-game store.

Pokemon Go Could Introduce A Subscription Service Soon
Pokemon Go Could Introduce A Subscription Service Soon

The response of fans to this news has been mixed. many do not want to see such a service in a free game, as it could have an impact on those who do not pay. Others do not see it bad as long as it does not affect the game system of Pokémon GO.

At the moment, it is not at all clear what this subscription service could incorporate, since no new data is provided. Many theorize that Pokémon GO could give a series of resources and monthly objects to all those subscribers, but it is only a hypothesis.

The month of August is not over yet, so you can still know how to defeat Giovanni in Pokémon Go in August 2020: best Pokémon and recommended attacks. You can also vote for your Favorite Community Day Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Hurry up, guys!

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