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Pokemon Go: Protagonists Are Ready For Next Community Days




A few weeks ago we told you that Pokémon GO was going to do a survey to choose the protagonists of the Community Days in September and October. A few days later, Niantic revealed the exclusive moves and the dates on which these events would take place. Remember that this formula has already been used in the past.

Well, that vote has now ended, and we have winners. In the end, the results have been quite clear, and the two Pokémon that have prevailed have done so with much difference in votes with respect to the other two. Thus, first place went to Porygon, while Charmander came second.

Now, the winner of the poll will be the star of Community Day in September, while the second classic will star in October. With the results in hand, these events are as follows.

Pokemon Go: Protagonists Are Ready For Next Community Days
Pokemon Go: Protagonists Are Ready For Next Community Days

  • September Community Day (Sunday 20th): The lead will be Porygon, and Porygon-Z will be able to learn the Triataque charged movement.
  • October Community Day (Saturday 17th): The star will be Charmander and Charizard will be able to learn the Dragonbreath fast attack.

The other two options to star in these events are – Caterpie and Grimer, who have garnered very few votes and have attracted little interest from Pokémon GO trainers. Will we see them in future surveys? It is impossible to know, and although it seems unlikely, we cannot rule it out.

Finally, the mega evolution will come to Pokémon GO during this year 2020, which will give rise to many new strategies for the combat of the game.

So far everything we know at the moment about thePokémon GO. We will renew this article as new details become known thus if you want to stay up to date, keep reading Nintendo inquirer”.


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