The Pokemon Sword And Shield Datamine

The surprising aspect of each and every game is the ultimate updated version of it and the new elements that will be added in that version. If you think the Isle of Armour has gotten a bit boring and could change a little, you are in for a big surprise because the recent update has left the Pokemon Sword and shield data-mine version changed as many new things are added in the edition to make it more interesting.

Not only new elements but many old components made a comeback changing the essence while retaining most of the uniqueness of it. If you still haven’t checked the new version, this is the time to know all about it.

A little ado about the Crown Tundra region:

The new edition of the update focuses on the size of the island. The island has expanded its size and shape. The similarity between the Isle of Armour and the Crown Tundra region is that both he area comprises 17 areas. Even though the players will be receiving a promising new location with a similar number of zones, there is no telling what you will be faced with as all the combinations of occurrences and experiences will be new. There will be so many new things to explore which is exciting and fun.

The Pokemon Sword And Shield Data mine
The Pokemon Sword And Shield Data mine

What are the new Pokemons introduced?

In the new Pokemon Sword and shield determine, two new Pokemons were mentioned by their developmental monikers. The Pokemons are known as “Hakuba”, “Kokuba”. It is also established that the programmers have developed and combined the Pokemons with the legendary Crown Tundra known as Calyrex. The code names of the Pokemons ‘Hakuba’ and ‘Kokuba’ respectively means ‘White Horse’ and ‘Black Horse’.

These Pokemons will be offered in two types of forms depending upon the potentiality of the Pokemons. It is similar to the Isle of Armour where they had to choose between the rapid strike and single strike Urshifu. Apart from these two additional new Pokemons, there will be no other new added Pokemon as well as no new Regis.

However, a new evolution form will be noticed in this version. Galatian Slowking who is the evolved form of Galarian Slowpoke is the debutant of the evolved version. The alternate form of Neruda which made its appearance in the Pokemon Movie will get its debut in this version is questionable.

Which Pokemons are making a return to the Crown Tundra?

With the ascent of the new types of Pokemon and their evolved forms making its debut, there will be older Pokemons introduced in this series to retain the ethnicity of the game. The Pokemon, however, have made their way to this version from various zones.

The Pokemon Sword And Shield Data mine
The Pokemon Sword And Shield Data mine

For instance, Alola Starters Pokemon Jirachi is a mixture of Gen 5 Legends with the inclusion of Alola legendaries and Meltan or Melmetal. Along with them, the comeback debut will be made by Machamp, Melmetal, Snorlax, Orbeetle, Toxicity, Sandaconda.

How will the story unfold?

Each and every game has a storyline that makes it much more engaging and exciting. Similarly, this particular edition of the game is no different than the Isle of Armour. The source of a few of the stories that are featured in the Pokemon Sword and shield data mine is from the Isle of Armour. The storylines were taken directly from there. Such chapters and stories that are included from the Isle of Armours are listed below.

  • Title
  • Chapter
  • Expedition images,
  • The image of the ability of Calyrex to incorporate with a new Pokemon is hinted here too.

However, one thing that is different than the Isle of Armour is that the Crown Tundra’s story is differently presented and much more intense as the presenters invested more time on the plot of the game which not only intensifies the essence of it but also fills the lack.

Apart from that, the data for the characters and character development was also altered to retain a sense of uniqueness. The recent change made in the Crown Tundra is the Peony’s daughter. Other differences include the last character namely the old man trainer who is seen here without glasses, and the village chief who is seen here with glasses.

Other important information about the Crown Tundra:

Apart from these, the other information about the particular game is that new 17 items are added in the mix. They have also included such features and gaming patterns that will allow you to capture new Pokemons to increase your own personal experience which will help you advance.

The new Pokemons that can be adhered to are Regigigas along with the Musketeer trio and the infamous Keldeo. However, the mystery doesn’t end here. There is an event that is very important and full of surprises. The event seems to be tied with Vespiquen which will only deepen the sense of fun.

Pokemon Sword and shield data-mine
Pokemon Sword and shield data-mine

What are the new abilities added and which moves are removed?

Few new abilities are added too.

  • Aegislash can use defenses such as the King’s Shield which can lessen the attack by 1 instead of 2.
  • Glaceon will evolve using ice stone.
  • Leafeon will mature using Leaf stone.
  • Charjabug will evolve using Thunderstone.
  • Rillaboom has a new defense named Grassy Surge
  • Cinderace has a new ability called Libero
  • Intel Xeon has a new ability called Sniper

All of these abilities are added in the game however some of the moves are removed too. The moves removed are the Return, Hidden Power, Frustration, all Z moves, Pursuit, special moves of Pikachu and Eevee.


With each update, you will get a new notified version which will be filled with new ideas, moves, items that could change the way you engage in the game. That is the goal of the game. All the intel and items added here will surely make your game much more exciting and fun.

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