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Project Cars 3: Here’s The First Reviews




Creating consoles will not be very good for those of Slightly Mad (we are referring to that console that was going to unseat those of Sony and Microsoft and that has been nothing), but in driving … few are able to cough at London studio. After a few more than interesting and successful Project Cars and Project Cars 2, Codemasters absorbed the studio, and only a year after the operation Project Cars 3 comes to us.

Codemasters currently has three franchises as interesting as they are different. On the one hand, they are responsible for the official Formula 1 games (here our analysis of the most remarkable F1 2020 ), but they also have their star saga, Dirt. This year we will see Dirt5 in current systems and in the new generation and, as we told you in our first impressions , the arcade system is very, very interesting.

The Project Cars saga is a little tough. It is not an Assetto Corsa , but users who are not familiar with the simulators have to spend time fighting both the controls and the settings of the cars. The controller settings in Project Cars 1 were vital because, serially, they were somewhat bad and that improved in the sequel.

Now Slightly Mad introduces a system that becomes an introduction for players unfamiliar with the genre . Through various events in which we gain experience, the game guides us to find the appropriate settings, the settings that best suit us and, above all, helps us to make the transition from a more or less arcade game to this simulator smooth. as fluid as possible.

Beyond this first experience with the simulator, we have several very interesting modes. In the career mode, totally renovated according to the study, we will be competing through different categories, making a name for ourselves on the circuit, getting cars and experience to expand the garage. We have not been able to pass the Road B category due to the limitations of the embargo, but we are happy to see that there are mini-objectives in each race (they give us points for finishing, for taking a certain number of corners well, for not colliding, etc.) and that, now we can have cars in our possession.

Having a car in our possession allows us to improve it with new settings and parts through what promises to be a complex and complete customization system that, unfortunately, we have not been able to test in these impressions either.

Another addition to the game is a ‘Rivals’ mode which is basically an asynchronous multiplayer mode in which we have various types of tests and compete to have a reputation, and daily, weekly and monthly points. At the end of each month, the players with the most points gain more experience that is shared with the other modes.

In addition to the single player mode, we have online mode for 2-20 players on consoles and for 2-32 players on PC , but in this test we were not able to test the features online.



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