PS5 Dualsense: Here’s What You Should Know

The PS5 DualSense would instantly recognize the user who holds it, according to patent.

This new system would allow a player to log in to any PS5 without having to enter their passwords
As the launch of PlayStation 5 is closer and closer, it seems that the still existing unknowns surrounding the new Sony console are getting bigger and bigger.

It is no wonder since we are only a few months away from the end of the year and we do not know a release date or price.

Although it seems that all these doubts will be resolved soon, little by little new patents are emerging that make one think that we still have a lot to know about the long-awaited PS5. And today, specifically, we talk about the DualSense, its command.

As the Segment Next colleagues have collected, Sony has carried out a patent that you can even see through this link where it talks about a very innovative system. This system would try to recognize a PS5 user through sensors. These sensors would be implanted not only in the DualSense but in other accessories such as the PlayStation Camera.

PS5 Dualsense: Here’s What You Should Know
PS5 Dualsense: Here’s What You Should Know

‌According to the patent, this system is “to detect the interaction of the user with the control and a transmitter configured to transmit telemetry data based on the outputs of one or more sensors.” And this would be very practical for the following situations:

If the PS5 is in a house with multiple players, anyone can log in just by holding the DualSense and turning on the console. You would not have to go through the user selection screen.

If a player goes to a friend’s house and wants to log into their PS5 to have access to their saved games in the cloud, account settings, digital games

If you want to log in to a console other than the usual one and you don’t want them to see the password.

It is worth mentioning that the fact that Sony has patented this system does not mean that it ends up becoming a reality. It is clear that it seems to be in their plans, but they may change the idea in the middle of development or end up discarding it. In any case, we will keep you posted on this issue or any related to PS5.

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