PS5 Startup Sound Revealed By Burger King, More Teased For Thursday

For some reason, only explainable by a marketing executive, Burger King’s famous mascot was the one who disclosed the bootup noise for Sony’s coming PlayStation 5. The rollout for knowledge regarding Sony’s next-gen comfort has been slow and measured. While players are getting analysis videos from creators and reporters that have gone hands-on with an Xbox Series X a month from launch, they still wonder what the menu of Sony’s machine looks like. This information will indeed be revealed with a bit more time, but it seems to be popping up in the most curious places. 

Of course, this is not the first time that video games and fast food have crossed paths. Microsoft is resuming its partnership with Taco Bell to give away Xbox Series X to those players who can not get enough of the Cheesy Roll-Up. Taco Bell has also given away PlayStation 4s in the history, and KFC joked beginning this year regarding entering the console race with a chicken-fried console.

Burger King is undoubtedly one of those restaurants. The King himself opened up a bag in a privileged Burger King Kitchen location in a tweet sent out early in the week. The mascot was treated with a blue light and a jingle of strange origins instead of French fries and a Whopper waft. Considering the large size of the bag and the fact that the legal PlayStation account re-tweeted the video, one is left with the impression that Burger King has been the one to finally reveal the PS5’s startup chime – however unlikely that may sound. The promo ends with a promise that more information about BK’s partnership and the PS5 is coming on Thursday, October 15.

Like many gamers, Burger King’s monarch quickly switched from Microsoft to Sony after the Xbox 360. During the 2006 Holiday season, Burger King grouped with Blitz Games for a triad of themed Xbox titles at the drive-thru alongside a value meal. Sneak King was a stealth game where The King crept up behind customers to provide BK food, while Big Bumpin’ and Pocketbike Racer were a bumper car and kart racing game, respectively. The Burger King trio is recently unavailable on recent Xbox consoles via backward compatibility in what has to be considered a national tragedy.

Whether Sony is set to reveal a Burger King giveaway for the PlayStation 5 or a next-gen sequel to Sneak King with advanced AI, fans are sure to pay attention. The waste cans of Xbox gamers may already be full of Taco Bell drink cups that have the power to save them $500, and Sony fans may soon be stocking up on Chicken Fries and Croissan’wich Sandwiches. There may be a different video where The King shakes hands with Ratchet and Kratos. What’s even more good is that another equally unexpected PlayStation 5 reveal could be coming from Burger King later this week.


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