PS5 Will Run All PS4 Games! Clarified!

Information from Sony regarding the backward compatibility of the PS5, undoubtedly one of the aspects most demanded by users, has been quite confusing.

During the event in which Mark Cerny detailed the technical specifications of the next-gen console, it was not very clear how this aspect will work, implying that, at launch, only about 100 PS4 games could be played on PS5.

And while we’re still waiting for Sony to detail how exactly PS5 backward compatibility will work with PS4 games, today we get some pretty enlightening new data from Lance McDonald.

Lance has earned his reputation for his videos of clipped content in games, highlighting his findings on PT (Lisa is behind us at all times) or, more recently, Death Stranding. Broadly speaking, it can be said that he is a specialist in “digging” in the code of both games and consoles.

PS5 Will Run All PS4 Games! Clarified!
PS5 Will Run All PS4 Games! Clarified!

According to Lance, PS5 will run all PS4 games, without restrictions. At Sony, they have been testing a series of titles to make sure they work properly when the console goes on sale, but nothing is going to stop us from playing those that have not been tested as well.

We understand that this means that the latter could present errors, but it is good to know that, at launch, we will be able to play the entire catalog.

As it is not an official source from Sony, we cannot give the report as valid, but the fact that you have deleted the message and then published another one explaining that you have done it “out of respect for the owners of the platform “, it turns out the less curious. Perhaps it has gone off the tongue prematurely?

Today on August 6, there will be a new State of Play focused on PS4 games and PS5 third party games, where no big announcements related to the new console are expected.

Nintendo inquirer” will provide further updates when more information is available.

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