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PS5’s Dual Sense Labelled Game Changer For Horror Genre




The study behind Tormented Souls points out that we can feel things like ‘spiders in the palm of the hand’

For months we have known what will be one of the key points of PS5: its DualSense. Sony’s new line of controls aims to convey sensations like never before for the gamer, something that goes far beyond a general vibe. In this sense, it seems that the capabilities of this controller will greatly help horror games to take a step forward.

The PS5 DualSense and it’s a way of transmitting sensations. In this way, it has been the Dual Effect Games team, after the title Tormented Souls, which has offered a series of new comments on what we should expect from the DualSense on PS5:

PS5’s Dual Sense Labelled Game Changer For Horror Genre
PS5’s Dual Sense Labelled Game Changer For Horror Genre

“I think the DualSense will be transcendental for PS5 games as it helps add to the immersion factor. I can imagine a transparent plastic contraption full of spiders that you have to manipulate using your hands, which would be the joysticks, and through the sensors You notice all those little spider legs running freely across the palm of your hand.

It should be noted that the title in question, Tormented Souls, has not been confirmed for either PS5 or Xbox Series X, with only a release scheduled for 2021 in the current generation of consoles so the description of the spiders should not necessarily apply to something we will see in the game. For those interested in seeing something of the game, which is inspired by classics such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill we leave you with a wonderful trailer.

Ultimately, we will point out that it is speculated that during this first half of September we can enjoy a new PS5 event. In this link, you will find the various indications that have made you think about it recently.


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