PSP And PS Vita Will Be Compatible With PS5

Apparently, portable consoles would serve as a device through which to play with the new console

Despite the fact that Sony has shown little forcefulness when it comes to revealing certain aspects of PS5 in recent months, what we have not stopped receiving news is patents that could provide functionalities for the console. Logically, many of these end up being ideas that never end up materializing, but that is not why we should not take them into account. Now, the most recent of the patents puts at stake the PSP and PS Vita, the two laptops from the hand of the Japanese company.

___PS5, compatible with PSP and PS Vita?

In this way, next, we will leave you with the image of the patent (via Reddit ) that has made us think that both PSP and PS Vita will have some kind of utility when PS5 is on the market:-

As we can see, the idea is that the patent in question shows a wide selection of devices that a priori would be compatible with PS5 without a function to be specified In such a way, among what we see are from keyboards to headphones, through cameras and also microphones we observe that just below the control which we will assume is DualSense appears a laptop whose shape is clearly that of the classic PSP.


We will also point out that the PS Vita is also mentioned in the same patent, so in any case, it seems that it will be both portable systems that will potentially be useful for the PS5 in one way or another. Obviously, the clearest option to deal with is the one that goes through Remote Play a function already available on PS4 that allows you to use the portable model to broadcast the content of the main console to the smaller one, allowing the game in the latter.

In any case, at the moment we have no alternative but to wait and see if PlayStation confirms this assumption based on the patent, something that could happen in the event of the much-rumored new PS5 event In the shared article you will find more details about it.

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