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PUBG Mobile Continues Its Fight Against Cheats And Introduces A New Feature




The developers confirm new measures for PUBG Mobile in which they will attempt to fight against those who do not respect the rules.

Little by little, companies have been looking for new measures to prevent players from cheating. All to find that the experience of those who want to play legally does not see their experience spoiled. But since the game is competitive, there are many who choose tricks and cheats to stay in the highest positions.

Therefore, the PUBG Corp team has explained that it will reinforce measures against scammers, all to begin to remedy a trick that allowed to eliminate other players with a single shot.

In this way, through an official statement, they have indicated that from the official PUBG Mobile team they seek to provide a fair gaming environment. For this they punish the players who disturb this environment, discovering thanks to the comments of the players a new trick for which they have reinforced the measures.

It currently appears that the company has already kicked out more than 10,000 players, with a 10-year punishment for cheating. In addition, they promise that their pulse will not shake when it comes to punishing those who use this type of system that can damage the game environment.

Thus the Death Replay function is born, which allows us to recognize the elimination of our character from the enemy’s perspective. Thanks to this function, the company can identify behaviors that break the rules. Everything in the title already available for iOS and Android.

For further updates on PUBG Mobilestay tuned and keep reading nintendoinquirer”.



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