One of the most played Battle royal mobile games in the globe is PUBG Mobile which has introduced a new category of mobile Esports to the world. It is one of the most competitive games and as every competitive game has a cheating problem so does PUBG mobile. Players who use hacks and software to win over the players who play genuinely are the cheaters in the game.

PUBG mobile has come up with an innovative Anti-cheat system that involves adjustments and up-gradation to the spectating system adding a peer review mechanism. In the friend list of the players, a play icon could be noticed next to someone who is in the match. Clicking on that play button allows the players to see who is added to their friend list. By this, the server will be able to decide if the player is cheating in the game. 


The adjustments and upgradations are done to achieve the two major factors:

  1. Improve the overall performance of the spectating system
  2. Improve the gaming environment by resolving the cheating through the use of a new spectating system.

The new anti-cheat system will involve three people in the system. The Host who will be the player in the match. The Game server is the server in which the match is played and the spectator who is the client of the player who is spectating the match.

 It is said that players who cheat use two devices to play the game and this helps the players to play a normal game on one device and the other device is used to cheat using an X-ray Plug-in to get the information about the hiding place of all the players. And by using this new anti-cheat system the game server will not transmit any data to the spectators if the player is not visible to the host.

One of the official posts of the PUBG Mobile stated that a ten-year ban will be imposed on players who are found violating the gaming standards of the developers and the spirit of the game will be safeguarded and if all the players understand this and appreciate the efforts of the developers and not ruin the fun the new anti-cheating system will be worth the find.

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