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Raji: An Ancient Epic! Is Not Available On Twitch




This promising Hindu-themed action title has reappeared during today’s Indie World Showcase.

It is increasingly common to find surprise releases at the most notorious video game events, and Nintendo is the company that has taken a liking to this practice the most. At this afternoon’s Indie World Showcase, the Japanese company hosted the new trailer for Spiritfarer, a game that debuted minutes later in stores, but curiously it was not the only one to be released after the broadcast.

If there is a video game that has managed to attract the attention of users thanks to its aesthetics and setting, that has been Raji: An Ancient Epic.

This title is produced by the Indian studio Nodding Heads Games and published by Super.com has been seen in new gameplay, and at the end of it, it was indicated that it would be published today for Switch.

Raji: An Ancient Epic! Is Not Available On Twitch
Raji: An Ancient Epic! Is Not Available On Twitch

This adventure takes place in ancient India and puts us in the shoes of Raji, a young woman who has been chosen by the gods to face the demons that will try to invade the world of humans.

In addition to wanting to stop the war between gods and demons, Raji will not rest until he finds his brother Golu, but unfortunately, to get to him, he must defeat all the evil creatures that come his way.

The combat system will allow you to combine the use of various weapons with that of special powers, and in order to get rid of any threat, you will have to devise strategies on the fly.

Raji: An Ancient Epic was released today for Nintendo Switch and is now available in the eShop for a price of € 22.49.

For further updates, keep reading Nintendo inquirer”.



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