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Rocket League is going to become free-to-play this summer




Rocket League, the famous multiplayer game with outstanding graphics and gaming experience just declared that it is going free to play this summer.

According to creators Psyonix, after announcing the free playscheme, said that this is going to be nearly over five years, millions of players playing the game, and billions of soccer matches played till now, it’s time to move a step up in Rocket League.

However, the post on the website clearly points about this free Playscheme, but also mentioning that, till now no official date, we might expect it in the beginning or later this summer.

Ostensibly, the nucleus gaming experience of the game will remain the same, but on the other hand, main menus are being improved to make scrutinizing the game simpler and user attractive from before. Creators are reworking and improving important features like new tournaments and upgraded challenges.

The devs are also enlisting cross-platform advancement in the game for the enhanced gaming experience.

Rocket League is going to become free-to-play this summer
Rocket League is going to become free-to-play this summer

At the time when it’s ready to available free to play, Rocket League will be out on the Epic Games Store on PC same time. Revealed from the creators that, this edition of the game will be somewhat similar to the version found on any other platform. 

However, the game will accentuate cross-platform play anywhere you would like to play, comprising between the Epic Games Store and Steam too.

Moreover, anyone who already purchased the game on any platform (including Steam), Rocket League goes free to play for those and they can enjoy the game with full assistance for any future updates in the version or any new features added. 

Nevertheless, the Steam version of the game will no longer be accessible to download, this was announced by the creators.

Furthermore, if anyone before the launch of free to play announcement played Rocket League on any online platform, will be awarded Legacy status.

 This Legacy status includes

– All Rocket League-branded DLC, before the “free to play”

– Golden Cosmos Boost 

-Huntress Player Banner

-“Est. 20XX” title that shows the first year of your start

– 200+  items upgraded to “Legacy” quality

– Dieci-Oro Wheels 

Additional to this, anyone who has played the game online before this announcement, will also be rewarded with the Faded Cosmos Boost. 

Legacy rewards will have consented once the free to play version is officially inaugurated later this summer.


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