Rocket League: Summer Game Mode Is Returning!

The game mode is Beach Ball, which changes the normal ball for a beach ball, making their physics totally different

The favorite Psyonix game has a tremendous fan base, and this will be greatly expanded with its arrival in free-to-play mode.

All those players who enjoy the Rocket League after five years since its launch will surely also play most of the time in competitive mode. Of course, many will prefer to take a break from time to time and play in a more easygoing way. And for them, it’s the limited-time gameplay coming this weekend.

As announced by the fellows from Psyonix through the official Rocket League Twitter account, this weekend players will be prepared to play the Beach Ball game mode. This will be available only from tomorrow July 30 until Sunday. 

Rocket League: Summer Game Mode Is Returning!
Rocket League: Summer Game Mode Is Returning!

This game mode consists of changing the normal ball for a beach ball. The physics of this change completely as it is much lighter, resembling a beach ball of a lifetime. “Who wants to have fun in the sun? The limited-time game mode Beach Ball will be available this weekend starting tomorrow” can be read on his Twitter.

We remember that Rocket League is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. As we stated at the beginning of this news, they have announced that the title will be completely free at the end of the summer, but those players who had the game from before will get a series of free rewards.

So far everything we know at the moment about the game ‘Beach Ball’. We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on the news, stay tuned to  Nintendo inquirer”.


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