Rogue Company: Patch 0.49 Will Be Released Soon

This is coming in a few weeks and will include some highly requested features by Rogue Company players.

Rogue Company is establishing itself as one of the best proposals today when it comes to tactical hero shooter. This work by Hi-Rez Studio is clearly inspired by games such as Overwatch, Valiant, or Counter-Strike, with around game systems with the aim of planting a bomb or defending a point and with a somewhat more simplified economy system (and, of course, with characters with unique abilities).

Not a week has passed since you received patch 0.48 with a new map and more, and they have already announced a new update for very soon.

It has been thanks to the RoCoLeaks Twitter account, known for filtering relevant information about Rogue Company through the code, that we have learned all or part of the news that will arrive in patch 0.49, in addition to approximate arrival date.

Rogue Company: Patch 0.49 Will Be Released Soon
Rogue Company: Patch 0.49 Will Be Released Soon

Rogue Company: What’s New in Patch 0.49

  • Identity profile for players.
  • The voting system to surrender. This especially in something very requested by the players, since it is really frustrating to see how your teammates leave the game or are not very much for the work and you cannot leave since you will lose a few minutes without being able to play.
  • store to buy cosmetic items, very common in many current games.
  • It will arrive approximately on September 2.

It is worth mentioning that, although the information we have listed comes from the aforementioned leaker, the Rogue Company’s chief designerScott Lussier, has confirmed a very soon update that will include, precisely, the surrender system.

We will update this article as further details become recognized so if you want to stay up to date on the gaming news, stay tuned and continue reading Nintendo inquirer”.

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