RTP Game Brief Guide: Important Things you Need to Know

You may have heard of “RTP” and wonder what it means and how it affects you as a player. Many casino game players look out for the RTP of games on the slot machines before making their choice. Not only does knowing the RTP of a game increase your confidence as a player, but it also helps you plan ahead of each game.

The following guide will take a close look at RTP and how it works. Regardless of the type of casino game you wish to play, you need to have a clear understanding of this topic. In turn, this knowledge will help you identify profitable games and non-profitable ones. So let’s dive into it.

What are RTP Games?

RTP games are called Return-to-Player games and are associated with slot games. You will usually find the RTP of any slot game on the game’s options menu. RTPs are often displayed publicly, so you would be able to see them before deciding. 

If you’ve heard people mention RTPs in casinos, they are trying to find out the game that will give them the best return on their wager in the long run. Usually, the higher the RTP of a game is, the higher the chances of winning. So if you make a bet of $100 in a casino game with an RTP of 95%, you have the opportunity of earning up to $95 more in the long run. This is precisely why many casino game players look for games with high RTP rates. 

Why you Should Play RTP Live Games

With the explanation of RTP games given above, you already know that RTP games give you an advantage at the casino. Although there are low and high RTP rates for casino games, having access to RTP live games can help you manage your expectations.

It is advisable to play played RTP live games such as the Aviator game and similar ones as they might determine your odds of winning. So players who prefer long-term games might benefit from paying attention to the RTP and carefully analyzing whether their victory rate improves. 

By contrast, players who favor short-term games might benefit from focusing on short-term bonuses and the themes of slot games rather than on the RTP of the game.

How RTP in Casino Games are Calculated

With that said, you are probably wondering how you can calculate the RTP of a casino game. If you want to do the math independently, here’s how you can do that.  

Firstly, RTPs can be determined based on your earnings. For instance, if you make a bet of $50 and you get $500 after winning, the RTP of the game can be calculated as 1000%. Typically, the highest RTP you will find on any casino site starts from 94% and can go as high as 99%. The more you play these RTP games, the higher your chances of earning as much as the stated RTP rate. 

Alternatively, you can check out the earnings of different people who played the games you are interested in. 

To conclude

Take advantage of high RTP rates and be strategic with the low rates. You should know that a high RTP rate does not come with its drawbacks. 

Remember to take advantage of free spins and bonuses. You can use games with high RTP rates to your advantage. New players get promotions such as free spins or sign-up bonuses. To cash out these freebies, you need to wager your earnings from the bonuses up to a certain amount. A great way to achieve this in no time is to go for games with high RTP rates. 

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