Should I use a 240hz Gaming monitor with my PS4 Pro setup

Gaming Monitors are getting better with every new update. They are getting faster, responsive, slimmer, without sacrificing the picture quality. With the latest monitors, all over experience is also getting better. Esports events are now a reality and this is indeed attracting a lot of gamers and peripherals manufacturers. 

For fast-paced PC games, we need fast and responsive monitors. That is the reason why gaming monitor manufacturers have outgrown basic 60hz and 75hz monitors and now coming up with 120hz, 144hz, 240hz, and even 300hz monitors. If you are a PC gamer, you can definitely pick a 240hz gaming monitor for you. Check out the best 240hz gaming monitors on X2 games These monitors are crazy fast and responsive that ultimately gives an edge over your competitors. 

But are these high-end 240hz refresh rate gaming monitors really worth it? Let’s discuss a little bit.

What is the Refresh Rate?

Before we finally land on the final results, let’s discuss a little bit about the basics. All the displays, whether it is on your smartphone, tv, tabs, monitors, works on a frequency that is measured in Hertz. This frequency determines the responsiveness of your monitor. A refresh rate is a rate in which a monitor refreshes its display for a new image in one second. A 240hz refresh rate monitor refreshes 240 times in a second which means smooth gaming performance. Likewise, a 60hz gaming monitor refreshes 60 times in a second which means fewer images per second. 

So if you want to play games at 240FPS you should be using a monitor that has a 240hz refresh rate. There are a lot of monitors available that have a 240hz refresh rate but before you finally get your hands on these monitors, make sure you have the hardware that can handle 240FPS. 

If you are a console gamer and looking to buy a 240hz gaming monitor, read along.

Should You Use a 240hz Gaming Monitor for PS4 Pro?

The 240hz Monitors are great and for the best PC games, you should be using 240hz gaming monitors but if you are a PS4 Pro player, you should not be using a 240hz gaming monitor. Here is why?

PS4 Pro supports 4K resolution at 60hz. No matter how good or pricey your monitor is, your monitor will not show you more than 60FPS. This is simply because PS4 Pro hardware cannot go beyond 60FPS. The upcoming generation of Playstation, PS5 are coming up with 4K@120hz that means you can use 120hz refresh rate monitors with PS5. But for PS4 Pro, you should be using 60hz monitors.

Any monitor that supports 4K resolution at 60hz is made for PS4 Pro. The 60hz gaming monitors are also compatible with Xbox One X. Here are some of the best 4K gaming monitors for Xbox and PS4 Pro that will give more value to money instead of 144hz or 240hz gaming monitor.

Spending on a 240hz gaming monitor for PS4 Pro is nothing but wasting money on something that you will never be able to use with PS4 Pro. The 240FPS monitor is not good even for PS5 as Playstation 5 supports 4K 3840 × 2160 resolution at 120 frames per second. Then who should be using a 240hz monitor, you might ask?

The 240hz refresh rate monitors are good for PC gamers, performance gamers to be precise. The casual gamer will barely see any difference in 240hz and 144hz displays. Only an experienced gamer can tell the difference between both the displays.

So if you are an experienced gamer or someone who is looking forward to pursuing a career in gaming, get a 240hz refresh rate monitor. If you have no budget issues and wanted to get the monitor for your setup, a 240hz monitor will definitely impress you.

For PS4 Pro or XBox users, a 60FPS UHD monitor is good to go. There are a huge range of such monitors and you can get any of those. But make sure you get it from popular and tier 1 brands.

Wrap Up

So now you know everything about 240hz monitors and monitors for PS4 Pro. Getting a 240hz gaming monitor for PS4 Pro is a waste of money but if you are on PC, it’s totally worth the buck. For making your search for a PS4 monitor easy, we also provided you with 5 best monitors for PS4 Pro. Hope that helped you out in narrowing down the purchase decision.

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