A Complete Skyrim Se Crash Log Guide

Are you facing Skyrim se crash log on PC? Does your game keep crashing? Need a quick fix?

Then, in this read, find the solutions to your queries. But first, let’s know some common reasons why Skyrim keeps crashing and what to do about it.

Reasons Behind The Skyrim Special Edition Crash To Desktop No Error

Reasons Behind The Skyrim Special Edition Crash To Desktop No Error
Reasons Behind The Skyrim Special Edition Crash To Desktop No Error

If you are looking for the reasons why does Skyrim keeps crashing, then you are reading the right topic. Want to know the cause behind it? Then, here we have shared how to figure out why Skyrim is crashing.

1. Skyrim’s Using The Wrong GPU

Does your Skyrim se crash on startup on your computer? If yes, there are high chances of Bethesda’s titles selecting the wrong GPU while starting the game. So here, Skyrim is no exception!

Thus, Skyrim will end up picking the weaker GPU or integrated graphics.

2. Skyrim Runs Out Of Memory

Did you know that the original release of Skyrim does not utilize the Special edition as well as the memory?

Well, now you know!

Gamers who are still using the original version of Skyrim should know that the game can use up to 4GB of RAM at a time. And if goes over that value, then even God cannot save it from crashing.

3. MOD Conflict

As we all know, mods increase the fun and add more content to the game, but it also causes the game to crash.

Moreover, the Skyrim: Special Edition allows console gamers to mod their game. Because of that mod, compatibility has become a big issue, and many players look for Skyrim crash report mod issues.

Many times, mods reimplement files or alter the same files the base game does not use. Thus, it results in crashing and strange bugs in Skyrim.

Are you looking for another reason on how do you find out what is causing Skyrim se to crash?

Then continue reading!

4. Skyrim Keeps Crashing On Load Order

Many gamers have also reported that they have been suffering from crashes due to load order mishaps even when they are not modding their game. As it is already known that load order directly ties to how Skyrim loads and reads game data, causing an error and messing up your load order can cause instability and constant crashes.

5. Dirty Files

If you are a PC gamer, you might be dealing with the issue. But there are also some chances of Bethesda’s DLC files and mods causing your game to crash. 

In short, files of Bethesda have references to objects that are no longer used by Skyrim. Thus, it results in crashing.

Such crashes are called dirty files.

Crash Fixes Skyrim: How To Resolve The Skyrim Error?

Crash Fixes Skyrim: How To Resolve The Skyrim Error?
Crash Fixes Skyrim: How To Resolve The Skyrim Error?

Are you facing any of the crashes listed above? Then we have researched and come up with a quick Skyrim random CTD fix just for you!

Without any further ado, let’s quickly move to resolve the Skyrim crashes.

1. Selecting The Right GPU For Skyrim

To solve the wrong GPU, you need to go to your GPU’s control panel. Then manage your Skyrim executable.

Next, force it to use your strongest GPU. After doing that, head to the SkyrimPrefs .ini and Skyrim .ini files and locate your GPU.

Is it still incorrect? If yes, then type in your new GPU.

After following all the steps, the game should no longer run out of memory and use your new settings. 

2. Solution For Skyrim Runs Out Of Memory Error

To fix the memory error, you have three options, and they are as follows:

• Play the Special Edition

• Install ENBoost

• Activate SKSE’s Memory Fix

Skyrim: Special Edition

The memory limit is pretty high in this and impossible to reach with current hardware. Once you start playing on the Special Edition, there is no going back because memory-related crashes will be the last thing you will be worried about.

Still, have an itsy bitsy concern about memory? The install the SSE Engine Fixes mod.


This external piece of software is used along with an ENB even though it can be used without ENB active.

And boost allows Skyrim to use the VRAM of your video card as additional RAM to bypass the 4GB restriction. However, Special Edition users will have no benefit from it in any way, so they don’t need to download it.

SKSE’s Memory Fix

You Can add this to your Skyrim Script Extender’s .ini file and see the improvement in Skyrim’s memory allocation. Doing so will surely prevent certain crashes from occurring.

For this to work, you will need an external executable file, which is Skyrim Script Extender. Again, there is no need for special Edition users to enable this fix. 

After installing it, go to the “SKSE .ini”. Next, replace the contents of the file by following the procedure below:








3. Validate The Faulty Mod

Validate The Faulty Mod
Validate The Faulty Mod

Reading the descriptions of the mods is the main way to fix mod conflicts. Secondly, ensure that the author doesn’t mention any incompatibilities.

Are multiple mods getting the same level lists for distribution loot? Or are they patches?

Then you can create a bashed patch into one mod and save the plugin space. This way, you can tweak the mods.

Know the techniques to troubleshoot the mods:

• Firstly, open the load order.

• Disable the active mods.

• Go and start Skyrim to check if the problem persists.

• If it does, disable all the active mods again and test once again.

• Keep repeating until the problem is solved.

• After the issue is gone, and if the size of the mod samples is large then you can disable the half mods.

• Next, start Skyrim and narrow it down more. 

This solution helps you to pinpoint the mods causing errors.

4. Fixing Your Load Order

The files listed below should always come in order:

“Skyrim .esm”

“Update .esm”

“Dawnguard .esm”

“HearthFires .esm”

“Dragonborn .esm.”

If the load order does not follow this sequence mentioned above, there are high chances of your game crashing and misreading data.

You can use the Loot tool to auto-manage your load order. Plus, it also works well with modded playthroughs.

5. Cleaning Dirty Files

Cleaning dirty files have now become easy, all thanks to various tools. SSEEdit for Special Edition users and xEdit for vanilla Skyrim users can clean the files.

In addition to this, it also keeps your game stable and removes these extraneous references. So it is a great thing to clean all DLC .esms and “Update .esm”. 

But never clean the”Skyrim .esm” file, or else you will put your game at risk. There are a few mods that face similar issues and need to get the .esp files cleaned by following the same techniques. 

Lastly, before you decide to clean the mod .esp files, always read the mod page.

Do you want to learn how to read Skyrim crash logs?

Then, scroll to the next section!

Easy Steps To Read Skyrim Crash Logs

Easy Steps To Read Skyrim Crash Logs
Easy Steps To Read Skyrim Crash Logs

Understanding and reading the crash logs are yet another headache, right? And sometimes, it seems difficult to understand.

But don’t worry, we have explained the guide in easy steps below:

Step 1: Find the Skyrim crash log location of crash logs.

Step 2: After finding the location, you need to face the latest log. It should match the timestamps of the crashed game.

Step 3: Then, open the crash log and check the error message. Yes, we know that it’s not easy to understand but please try.

Step 4: Then, copy the error message and find it on the search engine. We are sure that you will be able to decode it error text.

There are some mutual error messages, such as driver issues or missing .esm/esp files. Suppose you find Dragonborn .esm, Dawnguard .esm, or Hearthfire .esm, then it means obligatory DLC is not installed. 

Step 5: Reinstall the DKC and the game.

Many gamers have shared that they caught the culprit and fixed the issue on time.

Wondering, how to enable Skyrim logging? Then jump to the next subtopic. 

Quick Tutorial On How To Enable And Access Skyrim Crash Logs

There is something called Papyrus used by Skyrim to record and describe the log data.

Plus, Skyrim se papyrus crash log, does not get enabled by default in Skyrim. So here is how to enable it:

Step 1: Navigate To Skyrim .Ini

All the game configurations of Skyrim are stored on a “.ini” file. If you are using Mod Organizer 2 special software then you can find Skyrim .ini easily in:

<Your Main Drive>\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\

Those who have a special edition can check out the below commands:

<Your Main Drive>\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\

And this you useMod Organizer 2, your Skyrim .ini can be located in the software’s profile section. Just tap on the “open INIs folder” button, and move to the next step.

Step 2: Open Skyrim .ini

After finding the Skyrim .ini file, it is time to edit it. We suggest you install Notepad++ for editing word.

Step 3: Edit Skyrim .ini

Search and hunt for a Paypyrus section, and if you still don’t find it, then type the commands mentioned below:







Writing these lines will activate Papyrus. And those who already have a Papyrus section, then see if these values and terms match or not.

If not, alter it to appear like the commands mentioned above. Make sure you do not change other settings. 

Voila! You can now enable and access Papyrus Crash Logging for Skyrim.

Now, many of you must be asking, “Does Skyrim SE have crash logs?”

Well, yes it does have one! But where are Skyrim SE crash logs located?

They are saved and can be found in the game directory (next to SkyrimSE .exe).

Final Words On Skyrim Se Crash Log

So there you have it, guys! We hope you enjoyed this article on Skyrim se crash log. We did our best to elaborate on all the causes and fix them in the best possible way. And now it is your turn to follow our article and fix the errors.

If you are still seeing crashes after following all the techniques, post your log file on any online forum, and get assistance from the community instantly. Lastly, we also suggest you update the graphics driver from time to time to smoothly play any computer games. Stay tuned for more updates.

Good luck!

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