Social marketing trends dominating attention of customers in 2021

If you want to learn more about social media networks, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you’ll learn more about Youtube, Pinterest and Telegram.


YouTube is the most popular and best video marketing platform (publishing and promoting video content) and an incredibly powerful social media marketing tool. Many companies try to create “viral” video content, however, in this case, the chances of success are negligible.

Much more effective is to focus on creating helpful, enlightening how-to videos that have a strong chance of becoming evergreen content and drive traffic for years to come through SEO optimization. You also need real and active subscribers on YouTube to increase engagement and get recommended more frequently and naturally. 

In addition to their actual value to the audience, these videos have the added benefit of ranking in Google search results. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to include video in your content strategy, then you should pay special attention to this format.


  • The video format is gaining popularity.
  • YouTube rewards good content with a significant amount of organic reach.
  • A great place to try viral marketing strategies.


  • Creating high-quality video content requires specialized skills and a lot of resources.
  • The popularity of the platform also creates high competition for the user’s attention.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing trends. This platform is focused specifically on visual content, namely images. Ideal for ecommerce businesses and brands that are promoting their products.

Pinterest allows businesses to showcase their product offerings as well as develop brand identity through engaging, unique pinboards. As you strategize for this platform, keep in mind that women are its primary audience. If they represent your target audience, you should definitely be present on Pinterest.


  • People who spend time on this platform are most often looking for purchase ideas. This, in turn, ensures high traffic conversion from this platform. Large organic reach.


  • The nature of this platform assumes a very large number of publications. You need to post a lot and often to get noticed.


Twitter is a tool that allows you to broadcast your updates on the Internet in a short form. If you’re looking to grow your Twitter account, be sure to dilute your tweets for specials, discounts, and news with hilarious tweets that convey your brand’s tone. Remember to retweet messages in which people mention you, and if possible, answer subscribers’ questions. Twitter is a tool, the essence of which is dialogue and communication. So make sure you actively engage with your followers and build communication.


  • Simple and convenient format.


  • A very noisy platform. It is very difficult to get noticed. Therefore, you will have to publish often, a lot and with high quality.


As you know, Telegram is primarily a messenger. But with the addition of new functionality and the emergence of chats and channels, Telegram acquired elements of a classic social network.

One of the most popular and effective tools is the Telegram channel. You can create a channel and regularly publish short informational posts that will grab the attention of your target audience. As practice shows, both B2C and B2B companies succeed in lead generation via Telegram.

For example, you can often find channels of travel agencies that publish hot offers for tourists and also channels of marketing or web studios that share cases and expertise in order to find new customers.


  • Convenient content format for users.
  • Possibility of fast channel growth due to easy promotion through other channels.

Cons :

  • Due to the growing popularity of Telegram channels, competition is also growing, which makes the struggle for user attention even more fierce.

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