Social network TikTok – as a new market

In 2020-2021, blogging is becoming an increasingly professional, entertainment-like industry, largely due to the rise in celebrity income. While blogging initially seemed like a fun hobby, it is now a full-fledged business.

Internet giants are gradually realizing the size and power of their audience and raising prices for services and advertising: this is leading to trends. Bloggers have gained more and more influence in society, so their audience is growing by the day. Now even some people buy TikTok followers because everyone is getting a great audience and making money on this platform.


Generating income by releasing educational products is the most important trend of the next year. More often than not, it’s about making money with audience loyalty and the expectation of what your favorite blogger has to say to their subscribers. Content writers run online courses to inform their audiences, even though they have no clue about their field of expertise. However, as long as people buy the service, it will also sell.

Those who stream online and publish short videos about their activities only from time to time have to buy TikTok followers cheap, because they become popular in a short time. After all, everyone wants to learn something new from their favorite blogger!

The information business market is growing fast, but that’s just shaping it on the edge: many people think it’s just a business in the air. But here we must keep in mind: any education should be treated philosophically. Even graduates of the best universities in the world do not have a 100 percent job guarantee.

Perhaps sooner or later universities will join the info business. Bloggers need to create quality services, and educational institutions need to attract students. Consequently, they will come together and put sophisticated products on the market, especially at the intersection of fashionable professions. Believe that the public is gradually becoming more demanding when they know what result they want to achieve.

Previously only creative dreamers became bloggers, today professionals and businessmen are entering the market, i.e. people with a life plan and great ambitions. Now Internet heroes are becoming more and more content creators, and specifically for brands. Many brands don’t know that they’re not strong on TikTok and Instagram, so they’re paying a blogger rather than a famous filmmaker.

Blogging for small-town residents is an easy way to get started in creating an independent and stable income. The only mistake is thinking that blogging by itself can work wonders and turn a person into a millionaire without much effort. Sure, it takes a lot of work to succeed. But in some ways, becoming a blogger is more profitable than getting an education and then dreaming of working for a big company.

Whereas a blogger used to be tied to a specific platform, now it’s all integrated into one ecosystem. If a person has a strong YouTube, they’re already popular on Instagram; if they’re popular on Instagram, they’ve probably already started hosting TikTok. The industry itself is slowly reaching a certain level. Soon there will be a single information area, where it is more important how useful the blogger is to the audience than his qualities and parameters, as well as the ability to adapt to the algorithm.

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