Squid Kid In Stardew Valley: Full Guide For Players

The Squid Kid in Stardew Valley is a hostile NPC. these creatures look like the Mr. Moon monsters. They can be found on the 80th to 120th floors in the caves of Stardew Valley. As a player of Stardew Valley, you will know that caves here are the dwelling places of various ghosts, slimes, and wizards. However, Squid Kids do not pose much threat to players.

Instead of hurting you, Squid Kids drop some useful and essential items for all players such as gold bars, dwarven scrolls, squid inks, bombs, and solar essence. They may drop prismatic shards and diamonds.

The Squid Kid in Stardew Valley is a timid creature. They can attack with a fireball. In fact, if you have the weakest enemy in Stardew Valley, it is a Squid Kid. So, below, we will tell the exact location of these Squis Kids. keep reading. 

Where Can You Find The Squid Kid In Stardew Valley?

In the game, Stardew Valley, the Squid Kid creatures generally dwell in mines or underground caves. On the other hand, the Squid Kid creatures in Stardew Valley do not generate alluring numbers. Therefore, these timid creatures can’t be farmed much. They may attack you with their fireballs. But, when you get out of their reach, they will immediately stop attacking. 

Stardew Valley: Squid Kid Level Floor

We have already discussed in the intro part that Squid Kids can only be noticed in caves or mines. They generally dwell on the 80th to 120th floors of the mines. Players will not be able to notice the Squid Kid creatures anywhere. 

What Do The Squid Kids Drop In Stardew Valley?

Although you will be able to kill the Squid Kid Creatures in Stardew Valley very easily, they will drop some of the most essential items for players. They will drop squid ink, both mega and regular bombs, solar essence, the 3rd and 4th dwarf scrolls, and of course, gold bars. 

Apart from these useful things, they may drop prismatic shards and diamonds, the moment you reach the bottom of the mine. Players who got these two essential items from the Squid Kid creatures are lucky enough. 

Here is how you will be able to use the items you get from the Squid Kid creatures.

  • You may use squid ink for tailoring at Emily and Haley’s house.
  • You may get the help of the regular and mega bombs in the Skull Cave.
  • You will be able to use the solar essence in the Community Center.
  • You may choose to use the gold bars as farm equipment and to upgrade your tools in the game. 

Final Thoughts

So, here is the full guide on the Squid Kids in Stardew Valley. Knowing about these timid creatures before playing the online game will help players a lot. So, enjoy your game now. All the best! 

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