Star Wars: Squadrons! EA Reveals Reason Behind Cheap Price

The announcement of Star Wars Squadrons for PS4, Xbox One, and PC has come as a surprise. After a game as ambitious as Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, by Respawn, EA has opted for a space combat simulator, which follows in the footsteps of games from the 90s, such as X-Wing vs Tie Fighter.

The developers of Star Wars Squadrons have been members of EA Motive and have ensured that the fantasy of becoming a star pilot is very faithful to the movies. As we tell you in our impressions of Star Wars Squadrons, after dedicating more than 3 hours to the game, it will be set after the destruction of the second Death Star, at the end of the classic trilogy, and will allow us to pilot 8 iconic fighters of the saga: X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Y-Wing, Tie Bomber, A-Wing, Tie Interceptor, both in the campaign and in the multiplayer modes (5 vs 5) and fleet battle.

Star Wars: Squadrons! EA Reveals Reason Behind Cheap Price
Star Wars: Squadrons! EA Reveals Reason Behind Cheap Price

Star Wars Squadrons will go on sale at a reduced price, and Electronic Arts have explained why this novelty comes for less than 40 euros, instead of 60 euros. The company’s CEO Andrew Wilson explained that the prices of the games are decided depending on the “motivations and expectations” of the players. “In this case, it is a very deep and immersive game, and we felt that $ 40 was the right price given the breadth of the game. We wanted it to be a complete and unique and deeply immersive experience.”

At the shareholders’ meeting, the company’s chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen explained that the objective of the game is very specific, and is dedicated to satisfying those who only want to pilot one of these ships. That’s the reason why Star Wars Squadrons are not so ambitious, and it is released at a reduced price.

“The games have different scales, and most of our projects, right now, have a huge scale. We designed this game to focus on what consumers had asked us to do, who wanted to fly with an X-Wing or Tie Fighter. It doesn’t have the depth of other titles, but it is still an incredible game. That is why we have decided to give it a reduced price, which will allow more people to have access to this Star Wars fantasy.

The Star Wars Squadrons campaign will tell the story of two pilots; a rebel and an imperial, which we will have to create with an editor.

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