Surviving The Stardew Valley Earthquake: Tips And Strategies

While playing Stardew Valley, you might get a notification, ‘There was an earthquake during the night’. Do not panic. The Stardew Valley Earthquake is considered a random and scripted event. Earthquake in Stardew Valley never causes any destruction or harm to anyone. 

Instead, the Stardew Valley Earthquake brings new opportunities to players. As becoming one of the new citizens in Pelican Town, you should know everything about the earthquake in Stardew Valley and its consequences. Keep reading. 

Earthquake In Stardew Valley- When Does It Happen?

Mark the 3rd day of the Summer season- the specific day when the earthquake occurs in Stardew Valley. On the morning of this particular day, you, as a player of Stardew Valley will get the notification that I have already told you in the intro section.

Stardew Valley Earthquake

The Stardew Valley Earthquake is one of the rarest incidents. The earthquake in Stardew Valley takes place when you are sleeping. 

The Place Of Earthquake In Stardew Valley

Players of Stardew Valley should head towards the north of their residence and north of the mountains. That is the place where the earthquake in Stardew Valley took place while players are sleeping at night. 

What Does The Stardew Valley Earthquake Do?

The earthquake in Sardew Valley will not do any harm to the player’s animals, buildings, or crops. Despite causing damage, it breaks the boulder and opens the entrance of a staircase. After the earthquake in Stardew Valley, players will be able to get to a train station, spa, and other new places to explore. 

What To Do After The Earthquake In Stardew Valley

  • After the earthquake in Stardew Valley, enter the spa which enhances the stamina of the players. You will be able to see the spa to the left of the new place after the earthquake.
  • You, as a player of Stardew Valley can see a train after the earthquake. This train drops loot like coal, wood, stones, geodes, ores, and Leprechaun Shoes.
  • The earthquake will open the entrance of the staircase by breaking the mountain boulder. 

The Railroad

The Railroad is situated at the north end of the new place. Here are the different types of trains in Stardew Valley that you will see.

Types of TrainsDescription
Joja TrainIt is a dark grey train. Joja’s logo is inscribed on the train.
Passenger TrainMade of only passenger cars
Fast Resource TrainA resource Train
Fast Barred TrainIt has barred windows. This train runs faster than regular trains.
Present TrainComes only in Winter and drops presents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the earthquake in Stardew Valley affect my crops?
Ans. No, the earthquake in Stardew Valley does not affect your crops or do any damage. Also, all your hard work in the game will not be destroyed due to the earthquake in Stardew Valley.

Q2. Can the earthquake affect my building?
Ans. The Stardew Valley Earthquake is not at all the same as the earthquake in real life. Therefore, this scripted calamity will not affect your building or residence at all. 

Q3. How do you get to the secret island in Stardew Valley?
Ans. Ginger Island is the secret island in the game StardewValley. You, as a player of Stardew Valley will be able to get to this island only after repairing the boat. You can repair your boat in the backroom of Willy’s Fish Shop. also, players will have to purchase tickets after finishing the Community Center. 


So, here is everything that you should know about the Stardew Valley Earthquake. All the best! Happy gaming! 

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