State Of Decay 3 Finally Confirmed By Undead Labs

Yesterday’s Xbox Showcase, we saw a ton of new games coming to Series X and PC. Some of them will also be on Xbox One, but it seems that those who go deeper into the future will not, for some reason or others, reach the current generation of Microsoft. State of Decay 3 was one of those announced during the event and development may take a long time.

At the event, we saw triple-A titles like Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport, or the beautiful Everwild, the new Rare. Halo, for example, did show that ‘Game for Xbox One, Series X and PC’ label, but others like Forza or the aforementioned State of Decay … no.

The reason may be that the developer studio wants to take advantage of the power of the PC and Series X and not be weighed down by the current generation, but it may be that directly In some games, the reason is that it is so long before the launch that they will spend that two-year ” fork ” in which Xbox One will continue to receive first-party games.

State Of Decay 3 Finally Confirmed By Undead Labs
State Of Decay 3 Finally Confirmed By Undead Labs

As we see in a message on Twitter of the game account, what we saw yesterday was a pre-rendered video, since the game is currently in a pre-production state. That is, it is in one of the earliest stages of development, so there is still some State of Decay 3 to see on the street.

In fact, the studio is still very committed to a State of Decay 2 that has evolved very well over time, adding content and fixing both bugs and elements of the mechanics that were not convincing.

We will be very attentive to what they have to say about the State of Decay 3 and, in fact, I have personally wanted to return to the world of the second. Also, I want to see if any of my survivors are alive.

If you want to know the rest of the details given during the event, visit our summary of the Xbox Showcase, where the following has also been revealed:

  • the  first gameplay of the Halo Infinite campaign
  • Forza Motorsport trailer for Xbox Series X and PC
  • trailer and first details of State of Decay 3
  • the new trailer for Everwild
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps update
  • the new trailer for Psychonauts 2
  • trailer and release date of the first episode of Tell Me Why
  • the new trailer for The Medium
  • the first trailer for STALKER 2
  • A fable from PlayGround Games

Nintendo inquirer” will provide further updates when more information is available.


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