Surgeon Simulator 2: Here’s The Complete Review

Bossa Studios returns to the fray with the evolution of Surgeon Simulator in a sequel that outperforms its predecessor with countless medical negligence.

Do you want to be a reputed surgeon and you don’t dare to take the step? Don’t worry, everything is as possible as you can imagine. And is that, Surgeon Simulator 2 is already a reality from the hand of Bossa Studios in a sequel that comes loaded with news and a lot of crazy and unimaginable situations in which we must show that we are more than just a surgeon.

The evolution of Surgeon Simulator

Bossa Studios has taken a liking to do ‘simulators’ of surgeons? Yes, the first edition of Surgeon Simulator surprised everyone with a title that unhinged perfect professionals in the medical field with delicate control and mechanics not suitable for cardiac patients, where few became perfect professionals.

Now comes Surgeon Simulator 2 a kind of crazy sequel loaded with news under a more polished control and a whole field of helpers for operations because this time we will not be alone and up to three players will accompany us in crazy games to save the lives of the poor people who wish to submit to our interventions. And it is that this second installment is full of funny moments in which the most absurd situations will give place in a series of the most epic moments Doctor? I think that arm shouldn’t have seen it on that man’s head.

And it is that the inclusion of the cooperative mode in this second installment has been an agreement on the part of the developers achieving an even bigger and better-elaborated title than its predecessor. The changes especially in the gameplay along with graphical improvements and options give a completely fun and entertaining result that everyone should get to try at some point.

Medicine never stops evolving:

As it happens in real life, medicine never stops advancing and therefore Surgeon Simulator 2 is a complete evolution of its predecessor with great novelties such as exploration in the intervention rooms where we must find the necessary objects to save lives, as well like finding some accesses in other rooms adjacent to the operating room where everything will be guided by a narrative that will dictate what we must do if we do not want our patient to die in a horrible way.

The game’s campaign mode is as entertaining as it is intrepid and will help us to learn about the new game mechanics, movements, and especially the controls that are now completely simpler and more practical, which will make us lose the frustration of the last edition and find ourselves before a system that will invite us to continue advancing in each new challenge. We can do all of this in a cooperative together with three other players with whom we will have to cooperate to bring to fruition the mutilations to which we will submit our test wrestler named Bob.

In this way, we will have to complete operations such as amputations, heart transplants, and well, something a bit experimental like a change of head If this is Surgeon Simulator 2 and this is possible to do it, any problem with it, young doctor? Well then, take that new head and change it for that horrible one of that man.

The advancement of the story mode will take us to explore the different rooms and overcome the challenges proposed for poor Bob to continue and continue until the end of the challenges and finally become one of the best doctors that exist. Much more than Frankenstein! Likewise, to move forward, we will have to overcome a series of hilarious puzzles that will make things more fun in something like a Scape-Room although it seems a bit short with about 4 or 5 hours of duration.

Better in the cooperative:

The feats that we carry out in cooperative mode are the most original and fun since while one player is in charge of a part of Bob, another can perform the interventions while another is in charge of getting the necessary elements to carry out the operation of the more precisely and without deaths.

The short duration of the campaign mode does not detract from the title at all since it is only a prelude to what is to come. And, in Surgeon Simulator 2 we can create our own levels and incorporate them so that all players in the world can access the most terrible creations we make. The possibilities are frankly amazing where we can find real labyrinths where progress can become an odyssey. Community creations will not wait, and we can’t wait to see what goes through the minds of the world’s most creative gamers thanks to a mode that will give the game an incredibly fun depth.

The creation system is completely fun and we can do it together with other players in a completely fun and entertaining situation in something completely original in the world of video games.

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