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Welcome to Taffy Tales Cheat Code Guide Along With The Best And Never To Miss Walkthrough.

In Our Complete Guide, We Will Be Balking About Some popular cheat codes and how they should be applied.

Completing missions and tasks to unlock rewards is fun, but getting everything unlimited and on-demand can increase the fun to its full extent.

The best part about Taffy Tales Cheat Code is they can be applied at the time you are launching this game, that means starting a new journey with a boom, right?

Wait! Many more tricks and cheats to explore, just have a dip right in-

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  • How Do You Unlock The Taffy Tales
  • Gym?
  • What Is The Most Famous Cheat Code?
  • What is TaffyTales?
  • FaQs
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How Do You Unlock The Taffy Tales Gym?

One of the most asked question, but honestly speaking no perfect solution over the web. After analysing different community forums we get to know the complete procedure to gym unlock.

Here’s everything including how you can unlock the Taffy Tales Gym-

One thing that should be kept in mind is that the first mission to visit a gym will be assigned on Day 30 or Day 68 walkthrough.

On day 30 you can visit the gym to increase your strength, but this will not be considered a mission.

On Day 68 you will notice on your Tasks list the Main target is assigned – time for a new kind of “workout”

Here’s what you have to do after this-

The task to do is clear. That means you have to first step out of your room by simply clicking on- “Go back to outside .”

Outside, you will notice a “Taffy town” option at the bottom centre, tap it, this will open up with your city map where you have to go for the “Mall hall.”

Once you find this “Mall hall” tap it, this will bring you inside the wall. As the mission is clear you will see a message pops up at the bottom “Head to the gym,” on taping this you will be directly moved to the gym.

Boom! You’re in the gym, and now follow up the instructions that come to you to get this mission done.

Now, you must be clear with some exciting features in the game, and next you should know about the various cheats. Starting with-

What Is The Most Famous Cheat Code?

Completing missions and tasks in the game becomes easy with max stats and money, right? Fortunately, there’s a cheat to this.


If you don’t wanna wait for the special container to unlock and allows you to make money or complete missions and increase your stats then we know what cheat code you are looking for.

Here’s the cheat to

Max Stats & Money in Taffy Tales

Before you apply the Cheat code to Max Stats & Money you must know that this will only work when you start a new game. That means if you want to use this code, launch the game first, then select New Game.

The MC game when launched in your Windows you will notice there’s a space given to enter the Cheat Code. Here’s what you have input-

For Max Stats & Money ( case sensitive) = qcjvhfli or arnmcq. Two codes for two different versions, apply and check which one is applicable for you.

Save Unlock Cheat Code in Taffy Tales-

This code will help you to start right at the new update. Yes, you heard it right, at the new update, so don’t miss this.

To Use-
Applying this cheat code is quite simple, at first launch the game. After this, you have to select “Load Game” then click on Press to Unlock and finally enter the cheat code.

Here’s the Cheat to be entered-

Start right at the new update using this cheat code = gnkdoxbe or euueiu. It’s case sensitive and version applicable. So, enter and check which one gets successfully applied.

That’s it. Well, if you are still confused about what’s the game is all about then probably this is what you are looking for –

What is TaffyTales?

Add a Taffy Tales Chat Code heading (2)Add a Taffy Tales Chat Codeheading (2)
Add a Taffy Tales Chat Code

Tales is among the list of best fun narrative games, simple we can say a complete combination of classic interactive fiction gameplay along with graphic adventures, and yes the best one is a dating simulator.

The idea of combining different gaming experiences in one place is to create a gameplay that’s somewhat reminiscent of titles such as ‘Doki Doki Literature Club’ or ‘Leisure Suit Larry.’

If we talk about the entire gameplay then you’ll control as a boy with multiple personality disorder. And what’s interesting is that the character slowly discovers the citizen’s dark side.

The game provides you complete freedom to discover all secrets and mysterious elements giddy in TaffyTales. You will keep on finding these secrets after solving puzzles and missions in the story.

Missions will keep on getting more difficult and time taking than the last one completed with unlocking new characters and scenes as a reward.

Two points that you should keep in mind before stepping in-

TaffyTales is for adults newcomers (18+) who will definitely gonna love this.

You must be fluent in Advanced English to enjoy this game hassle-free.


1. Where can you open the “Special Container”?

Special Container is like a bucket full of money. You can unlock this in the “men’s toilet.”

2. Is it legal to use Taffy Tales Cheats?

Cheating in any game is considered illegal whether it’s a sport or a video game. In simple terms, you are violating the terms and conditions you have agreed to before starting.

3. Do we have any Taffy Tales money cheats?

Yes, we have to cheat to maximize your money and also your stats. It’s qcjvhfli or arnmcq (for two different versions) and we have already discussed how to apply this code.

4. How to increase strength in Taffy Tales?

To increase strength in Taffy Tales you have to visit the gym, and this can be done on any day after the 30th day of the game walkthrough.

5. When will you get the ruler in Taffy Tales?

In Day 23 Walkthrough you can pick the ruler after you exit the school talking with Clara in the hallway.

Final Words

Taffy Tales is a complete combination of classic interactive fiction gameplay along with graphic adventures and a dating simulator.

But the early excitement comes with Taffy Tales Cheat Code, using which you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

Hope we helped you out with everything like taffy tales money cheats or maximize stats. Keep an eye on this page. We will be updating it with new cheats very soon.

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