How to craft Terracotta in Minecraft

Can the clay be as strong as a rock? What do you think? 

What if I say ‘yes there’s a clay that can be molded as strong as like a rock.’ 

We are certain that your quick questions must be :

  • What this rock called? 
  • How it’s made? 

Similarly, many questions might have started popping up in your mind. Hence, let us help you with all the crystal clear answers here.

To begin with, we know that you must be aware that Terracotta a rock-solid material either generate naturally or can be created in Minecraft. Moreover, these Terracotta are said to be wonderful building blocks that can create some different and stunning Minecraft Terracotta builds.

How to craft Terracotta in Minecraft
Terracotta in Minecraft

But, have you ever thought of a reason for creating Terracotta blocks in Minecraft, although, it can be obtained naturally? 

This because the natural process is quite time-taking and uncertain. 


So, before moving in-depth with all about Terracotta, let’s have a look at those edges we are going to touch. 

So, let’s begin!

How to make Terracotta in Minecraft?

Firstly, you should know that Terracotta is nothing but hardened clay. 

And, What’s interesting about this? 

This Terracotta is a blast-resistant just like other stones in the game. 

So, let’s see, where to start after fueling the furnace? 

How to craft Terracotta in Minecraft
Terracotta in Minecraft

You can indeed produce a Minecraft Terracotta house, but to start this you first need to find a block of clay. 

Guess What! Finding a block of clay is the easiest one, just you have to select it from the crafting menu.

For your complete clarification let us explain these steps one by one. Have a look at the Minecraft Terracotta recipe- 

Step 1: Opening the Furnace menu

First, you have to choose the Furnace menu in your game. It’s a quite simple and one-tap process. 

Step 2: Adding fuel to the selected Furnace

Proceeding to the next step, and after selecting the furnace you have to add some fuel to it. This you can do by selecting the Add Fuel option present at the bottom fuel box of the furnace. 

There you will get several options to use as fuel. However, the most recommended choice is using coal. 

Step 3: Adding the block of clay 

After adding the fuel to your furnace, it’s time to put a block of clay into this furnace.

 Where to put this clay? 

Put the clay block at the furnace top. Easy and quick!!!

Now, soon you will notice some flames around the clay block, that will look like the block of clay is burning. It would hardly take a couple of minutes and in no time your Terracotta is ready. 

Closing the furnace? Wait! 

Make sure that this you don’t do while your Terracotta is still under process.

Once the complete burning process gets finished, your block of clay is properly cooked. 

But, where is the Terracotta? 

No fret!! You will see the Terracotta appearing in the box which is to the right.

Step 4: Moving the Terracotta to your Inventory

This comes up to be an important process, after your Terracotta is ready, you need to move this in your inventory. This will simply make it available to use during the building process. 

So, make sure this step won’t be skipped. 

You must be happy to know that, you can create a total of 16 different color Terracotta using this method. And yes you can also create Glazed Terracotta. Don’t know what’s Glazed Terracotta? 

No worry! Just Check below.

Minecraft Glazed Terracotta

How to craft Terracotta in Minecraft
Terracotta in Minecraft

Did you know that there are three minded Minecraft gamers? Who are they? 

Well, depending on the way they are playing this game distinguish them. 

  • The first type includes those whose creations are beautiful but of no use. 
  • The second one those whose constructions are functional but doesn’t look attractive.
  • And lastly, are those called the magical unicorns, these players are skilled in polishing their builds with both beauty and utility.

According to you, which category defines you clear?

 If you are in the first camp then honestly speaking Glazed Terracotta is completely for you. You can’t deny the fact that gamers’ priority always comes to make something attractive, and mostly this happens in harvesting games.

Yes, we are coming to this, What’s Glazed Terracotta? What are different Minecraft Glazed Terracotta designs? 

Before moving in-depth, you should where you will find this. This is among the newest additions to Minecraft and is being added in version 1.12. 1.12 update is named as World of Color Update. 

What difference you will get in this? Well, it’s something that doesn’t to strength and toughness, but actually in appearance. You will find sixteen different kinds of glazed terracotta and what interesting is these will match with the sixteen traditional colors of dye.

And each one can be used to create different Minecraft Terracotta patterns that look stunning.  

Excited Right!

Let me reveal one more thing, these Terracotta patterns depend on the direction where you want to face it.

Where to create this? It’s very tough to create a Glazed Terracotta, just kidding! You can create this Glazed Terracotta with ease. You just need different colored clays and have to perform the same you do in Terracotta. 

How to dye Terracotta Minecraft?

Terracotta in Minecraft

Want to dye your Terracotta? 

If ‘Yes’, then the question arises How to dye Terracotta? 

Well, this isn’t a tough job! All you need is the colour dye, the colour which you want to give your Terracotta.  But we left something! 

Yes, it’s the steps that you need to follow to Colour your Terracotta with ease. 

This step starts here:

  1. Opening the Crafting Menu in your Minecraft.: This because it will give a 3×3 crafting grid. Why 3×3? You will get this later. 
  2. Adding the color dye. 

Now, it’s time to reveal why only 3×3 grid only. This because you have to place 8 terracotta in 8 grids and the last one with the dye color.  

It’s important that you should place the Terracotta and the color dye at their specific positions or to say in a specific pattern.

What’s the pattern?

  • First Row: place 3 Terracotta in a row. 
  • Second row:  place 1 Terracotta in the first box. And fill the Colour dye in the second box. 
  • Lastly, In the third and last row:  place 3 terracotta again. 
  1. Moving the color Terracotta to Inventory.

This step can’t be skipped and many gamers lose their Terracotta after missing this step. So, once you have crafted colored Terracotta, it’s time to move them into the inventory.

Great! This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for color Terracotta. 

Using these steps you can dye your Terracotta in any color. And also, can create Minecraft white Terracotta. 

And congratulations, you colored your Terracotta in Minecraft! 

Final Words 

Terracotta is wonderful building blocks, but only when you use them in a proper and unique way. You can make this Terracotta cool and attractive with the steps we have listed in the article. 

We expect that nothing remained untouched. We have covered almost everything about Terracotta. Starting from its production in Minecraft to coloring it in a different pattern.

Hope this read helped you out with all the best ways to applied and enjoy the game! 

Feel free to let us know your techniques and ways too and how you find this read!

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