The Best Ways to Rank Up in Valorant

Today we’re going to be talking about how you can rank up in Valorant. We’ve compiled info from a bunch of games like CS: GO and Overwatch. Since these two games are considered the most similar to Valorant. We’ve also looked at League of Legends as this is Riot Games’ biggest game so there will be some overlap between ranking strategies in each of these top multiplayer games.

Consistent Team Players

Try to find a team of five players to always play with. If you could find five players to play with all the time, this will increase team synergy and synchronization in the long run. It is team play that will decide who wins and losses especially when players have all similar skill levels your overall team play will be better if you’re playing with the same people as you’re going to get used to how you guys play and how you work together and this will give you a huge advantage over other teams who are just casually playing together.

Voice Chat Communication

If you’re not going to play with the full team then probably you’re going to play solo queue. Be sure to use in a game voice-chat communication. It gives you an advantage over everyone else if they aren’t communicating and if you’re trying to rank up you want every advantage you can get. Communication is super important for team call-outs and other in-game info so be sure to always use in-game voice chat if you are going to be solo queuing.

Focus On Fewer Agents

Rather than trying to play every agent, it is much easier to master something like two agents rather than all of them at the same time. This is similar to as many players did with overwatch rank up. If they could master a few heroes on a very high level and continuously play them then they can rank up much quicker than if they were to try to play every single hero. Because they become very knowledgeable about using the abilities of these few heroes to their advantage the same goes for Valorant.

If you can learn Jett for example on a platinum level then you’ll have a much easier time ranking up by playing mostly Jett as you’ll be much more skilled when compared to other players at your rank who are just trying to play all of the different agents in the game. So remember to pick about two of your favorite agents to play and just get skilled with them so you can rank up faster. Once you get to a higher rank you’re already going to have developed much more game sense and a lot better mechanical aim in the game so it will be much easier to learn and master new agents as well.


Take advantage of warming up and the practice range by practicing to improve your skills. That will not only help you in the long run but will also help you rank up. Valorant has a built-in practice game mode that you can use to improve your game sense and aim. You can also use other aim trainer programs to enhance your aim both of these will help you win more fights and in turn, help you rank up as you will be winning more games.

Think Before You Act

Be sure to think about every decision you make. Before you do anything in the game such as peeking a corner think about why you would do that and if it’s a good idea don’t just spontaneously do stuff and hope they work out. Think about what you’re going to do first this helps you learn from your choices and in turn, helps you make better decisions which favor your winning fights in the long run. Along with this comes the idea of recording your gameplay having bots to look over later on. This will help you learn from your gameplay and in turn help you better decide what you could have done better. I believe this is one of the most important things that people need to take advantage of. Every time you die instead of getting upset and calling it unlucky think about what you could have done differently to not put yourself in that situation to die and what you could have done differently to win the fight next time.

Watch Pro Players Play

These pro players and streamers can spend hours playing the game every single day. So they will have much more experience than the average player. Because of this a lot of the times these pro players and streamers are using small tips and tricks that give them a big advantage over other people because they have so much more time to test things out. Watching them and learning these tips will increase your chances of winning games and will make you a better player as your overall game sense will be improved.

Play Conservatively

Based on the info from Riot Games the aspect which will matter most to your rank changing, in the long run, is whether you win or lose. Although your performance does have a bit of a say especially when you first start playing ranked in the long run it is whether you win or lose the game will matter more. Because of this, you will want to prioritize team play rather than individual performance as this will favor you in the long run when it comes to ranking up. So remember instead of going full aggressively and just trying to get every single kill in the game it’s much better to play more conservative and with your team to ensure the victory instead.

Valorant Boosting

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