The top Game of Thrones games to keep you entertained

Are you looking for the top Game of Thrones PC games? Whether you loved or hated how the HBO sensation Game of Thrones ended, this critically praised fantasy drama established itself as one of the most popular and shocking TV shows of all time. Over the course of its eight-season run, the film version of George RR Martin’s epic book story introduced us to a number of enduring characters and jaw-dropping war sequences.

It’s not surprising that there have been so many Game of Thrones video games, both those that are obviously influenced by the show’s brutal and inventive mythology and those that are official spin-offs. Its popularity also moved to the board games world: fans can easily find and purchase “A Game of Thrones: The Board Game”, which can be played by 3 to 6 people, if they are into a little fun away from screens. In fact, there’s also a version of the famous strategy game “War” GOT themed. In the iGaming space, a slot game can be found at Betway Casino, one of the top new online casinos in the USA.

So, in preparation for House of the Dragon, if someone wants to plot like a Lannister or wield a sword like a Stark, we’ve put together a list of games that will give them the impression of a hero, villain, or immoral Westerosi.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Without a Game of Thrones game, it wouldn’t be a list of the finest Game of Thrones games. For fans of George R. R. Martin’s popular series, the map of this MMO will look very familiar to you as you battle, develop, plot, and conquer your way across it. Major Westeros landmarks like King’s Landing, Winterfell, and Storm’s End are depicted in it.

As you amass riches and power before laying siege to important settlements throughout the Seven Kingdoms, you can anticipate assistance (and opposition) from a cast of recognisable characters. While you kill your way to the Iron Throne in this browser game, you’ll still be treated to epic fight sequences in the JRPG manner.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

You know you want to play The Witcher 3; we don’t have to tell you why. It’s a highly regarded masterpiece that has transcended its genre to become a fan favorite that defines a generation. Despite being widely known, The Witcher series is still fantastic, especially for people who enjoy dark and seductive fantasy settings.

The Witcher game series is based on a long-running series of fantasy novels, much like Game of Thrones, and utilises a richly developed fictitious world based on European folklore. A Song of Ice and Fire has similarities with Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher books, which combine magical adventure with political intrigue and emotional drama.

The Witcher 3 should be your first choice if you’re seeking for a narrative experience that is as compelling and brutal as HBO’s blockbuster, even though it isn’t quite as open-ended as some of the other games on this list.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

Lacking the time to master complex game principles, are you looking for a kingdom ruler sim? You only need to look at Reigns. You can assume the roles of several potential kings and queens in Reigns: Game of Thrones, including Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, and Jon Snow. Your duties include managing the faith, military operations, and the royal coin. Sounds complicated, huh? Reigns’ simplicity, however, is what gives it its singular brilliance.

You are given a variety of ruling conundrums on cards, and you can choose to answer them by swiping left or right—a straightforward binary decision that could have serious repercussions. It’s incredibly easy to grasp, but like many strategy games, it’s challenging to master since you have to carefully consider each action and all of its potential implications.

The writing in this game is what really sets it apart. Each is portrayed in the instantly recognisable cadence of the Game of Thrones mythology. You’ll have to fight off jabs from master of whisperers Varys, spar with the Lannisters, and engage in yelling battles with Greyjoys. Reigns: Game of Thrones is likely the strongest game adaption of the series to date, despite its seeming simplicity.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones

Telltale’s five-part choose-your-own-adventure Game of Thrones game adheres quite closely to the guidelines established by the show as one of the few fully licensed Game of Thrones video games. It enables you to put yourself in the shoes of a few unique people who are battling to survive the harsh lands of Westeros and Essos as Winter draws near. This series, in contrast to Telltale’s The Walking Dead, is based on the TV program rather than the books, and as a result, many of its top performers return in new roles.

Even though interacting with characters like Cersei Lannister, Ramsay Bolton, and Daenerys Targaryen has its appeal, it’s challenging to care about your player characters because you know that they will ultimately have little bearing on the overall plot because the plot is so closely tied to the events of the show.

The series also regrettably ends on a cliff-hanger that will never be resolved because Telltale regretfully shut down before the second season could be finished. Despite the unfinished plot and dated aesthetics, this series is still worth a look for major fans because Telltale’s adaptation of Game of Thrones seems amazingly authentic.

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