Things to Do Before A Furniture Removal

Ok, you’ve decided to let go of some of your furniture. Great idea, sometimes you just need an upgrade and leave a piece of your past behind. But what should you do before the furniture removal? One thing that is at least going to be certain, is that you’ll have to get in touch with a professional service. You can’t possibly haul out all the old stuff on your own, can you? 


The obvious thing to do before sorting out furniture is to declutter if you haven’t done it yet. It’s a great option to start a larger decluttering process in your home. With just getting rid of some junk that’s stored in some furniture, you may get the hang of it more easily. You’ll certainly come across some long-forgotten treasures, but also stuff you don’t need anymore. 

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Do You Have To Let Go Of All Of It During A Furniture Removal?

First things first, take a good look at your furniture. Think about it, if it’s still good to use. Now, if the answer is yes, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I like its overall style? 
  • Does it remind me of something good?
  • Is it comfy? 
  • Can it be repaired?

If your answer to the questions above is a concise yes, then you should consider upcycling the regarding item(s). You could use it for another purpose and turn it into something completely different. There are tons of videos online on how to turn a chest of drawers into a wine bar, for example. Furniture, in general, can be stripped, stained as well as repaint. You can even remove veneer with very few simple steps. You can achieve a lot with new covers for your sofa or throws, but armchairs are better off with the upholstery pro. If you have pets or children, you could also turn your old furniture into a new toy for them. 

Consider Selling It

Before you arrange a furniture removal with the pros to help with the big bulky items, try to at least sell them. Any item that’s retained its auspicious look and shape is good to sell. The one or the other scratch won’t hurt, it should only not be covered in scratchy spots. If your cat had a good go at it, mistaking it for its cat tree, you will definitely be able to sell it. Take some pictures as well as measurements and put them online for sale. To make the furniture removal easier for you, make sure the seller picks it up.

Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji, marketplace, or even specialized groups on social networks are a great place to sell your furniture. Once the buyer picks up your furniture, make sure you’re not alone. You never know if the buyer unmasks as a robber. 

Contact a Charity

You may not be able to sell all your old furniture and probably not to your desired price either. In this case, you can offer it to a charity and contribute to a good cause. The Salvation Army or the Goodwill are fantastic places to ask if they’d be interested in your old furniture. If they’re not, there’s most likely another charity who’s willing to take it. They do either forward your old furniture to people in need or sell it to collect funds for their cause. 

If they want your stuff, they might be able to come around for free furniture removal. In some areas, they don’t have the capacity to handle it. Depending on the volume and the size of your furniture you can contact a professional service. Ask them to bring your stuff to your selected charity. As it’s for charity some furniture removal services would do it for free.

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Schedule a Collection

It’s not unusual that you’re unable to sell or donate all the furniture that you don’t want to see anymore. You can put it in your car and bring it to a disposal site or a recycling center. But that’s probably going to cost you some trips, or maybe your vehicle is not large enough for the job. Keep in mind that if it’s bulky you’ll definitely need assistance in hauling it out. And loading it into your car or truck. Just have it hauled out by a professional team and worry no longer about the how’s and what if’s. Make sure you make inquiries to several furniture removal services. You need to know beforehand how much their fee will be and what’s included in their fees. 

Removal services can vary greatly in fees for the collection. Neither can you nor do you want to pay more than your budget allows. Moreover, you need to check their availability. Most of them are usually able to come around the same or at least the next day for furniture removals. In spring and autumn, most people do a serious decluttering involving lots of old furniture. Those are times of the year when they’re very busy and can probably not be at your doorstep.

Parting Words

Remember what to do before declutter the furniture if there’s still anything in it. Also, consider upcycling your furniture and earn with your removal and sell it. Furthermore, it contributes to a good cause and donates your unwanted pieces. Finally, collect estimates for furniture removal


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