This New Feature Will Change The Way Of You Using WhatsApp Forever

The possibility of using the same WhatsApp account on several mobiles and devices is one of the functions most requested by users. Currently, the platform only allows associating a phone number to a single terminal, so that, if you have two mobiles, you have to use a different WhatsApp account on each of them.

A year ago rumors arose that we will be allowed to use WhatsApp at the same time on several devices. Thus many steps that the platform has taken to perform this feature, such as the notification that alerts you when the verification code is asked from another terminal or the notice that the list of devices has changed.

Now, WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in anticipating the new functions and news of WhatsApp, reveals that the platform has made a new advance to implement this feature. This has been seen in the beta version for Android, where the new section appears that shows the devices connected to an account. 

With tapping on the menu key, users of the beta version can see the new Paired devices option, located between New broadcast and Starred messages. Clicking on it leads to a new section where the different devices connected to the same WhatsApp account are displayed.

According to WABetaInfo, it will initially be possible to link up to four different terminals to an account, which can be both mobile phones and computers.

Now we only have to know what will be the specific process that will be used to validate each of the linked devices, if it will be enough to verify the phone number with the code that arrives through SMS or will it be necessary to do something else.

Also, the linked devices section is only available to users who have access to the latest Android beta, so you won’t find it on your mobile yet. We don’t yet know when the feature will hit the stable release, but it looks like it won’t take long to make its appearance.

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