Top 6 Tips for Students to Stay Productive in Quarantine!

2020 is nothing short of a nightmare. We were witness to heartbreaking and shocking phenomena that came to life this year. From the Australian fires to the Coronavirus outbreak, many events completely changed the future of this planet.

We’ve become weary, cautious yet grateful and sensible living in such unprecedented times. Ever since a pandemic was announced earlier this year, the only thought that took over our minds was, ‘How am I going to spend all this time confined in one space?’

As scary as this thought was, it wasn’t as bad as we imagined it to be.  We had time to do things we never could before. While the pandemic took its toll on everyone, it took a mental toll on students the most. 

Those students eagerly waiting for their high school graduation, those looking forward to their first year of university, and those dreaming of wearing their graduation gowns for their university convocation.

The critical situation has everyone wondering what the future has in store for them. For struggling students, to the helpless unemployed, self-isolation is nothing less than a challenge. Keeping a positive attitude doesn’t seem easy, and coping with difficult circumstances only becomes more challenging.

Educational institutions instructed everyone, from their staff to their students, to stay home and continue the semester online. Thanks to technology, staying connected has become a lot easier, if not the best. With school stress, self-isolation, and routine life, students tend to lose motivation quite fast.

The transition from physical learning to online learning isn’t easy, and many find it difficult to perform to the best of their ability. Many had to learn how to maintain their productivity level the hard way. It’s difficult, but not impossible. You can become a super productive student in no time if you stick to these tips!

  • Create your own schedule

Life without a proper routine to follow can turn messy. You will find yourself dumped with assignments, projects, and schoolwork and almost no time and energy to do them. You must remember how schools used to schedule everything for you making it easier for you to stay at the top of your class.

However, when things took a drastic turn, the whole process overturned. The studying process became complicated and keeping up with any assignments, deadlines, and online classes only add to your anxiety. But, it’s time to take back control and make things easier for you. 

Create your class schedule and sort out your assignments by deadlines. Prioritize those projects and assignments with an early deadline first. Practice this habit till It becomes a part of your daily routine. 

  • Online resources are super helpful!

Now that the world is transitioning and relying on digital platforms for survival, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for on the internet. As a student living in the digital era, you will agree when we say Google and YouTube are nothing less than heroes in disguise.

These digital platforms provide us with relevant information and tell us about field-focused apps relevant to your subject. Depending on online resources to help you with your classes is a fool-proof way of staying productive at home.

When it comes to online classes and resources, you want to make sure you face no interruptions whatsoever, which is why AT&T is one of the most reliable internet service providers in town! The not only offers fast internet, but it’s also highly reliable. You’re assured you can depend on their customer service team to fix all sorts of internet problems for you. 

  • Build your workspace

As a student, you need to focus and concentrate on your goals to achieve them. A designated workspace is one way to do that. A comfortable space designed to help you focus on your maximum potential can do wonders for your mental health as well.

Studying in the same environment where you play, chill, or relax can make it seem like a forced chore. Instead, design a minimalistic space where you surround yourself with motivational elements like quotes or artwork. Add a comfortable chair and desk to help keep the flow. 

  • Make time for yourself too

It’s easy to forget about yourself when you’re too busy keeping up with online classes, deadlines, and assignments. Studying at home isn’t easy unless you’re living alone. When living with people, you will face many distractions that will interfere with your focus and productivity while studying; this can be frustrating, which is why it’s important to take a break for your mental health. 

Make time for things that make you happy and relaxed. Whether it’s lighting a candle, catching up on your favorite show, putting on a refreshing face mask, or cleaning up your workspace, anything that refreshes you is worth 30 minutes of your time. Not only will your brain thank you for it, but your mental health will become significantly better. 

  • Physical activity boosts productivity

Being physically fit is one thing, but taking out time to do at least some physical activity is better than nothing. Your body is a temple, and if you don’t treat it like one, you lose energy, motivation, and productivity. You want to make sure you take the best care of yourself during such difficult times.

If you can, practice health guidelines, go outside for a walk, meditate in the backyard, do home chores, climb the stairs 5-8 times every day or do a quick workout. Your mind and body will thank you for it. After all, high energy motivates you to achieve goals with better productivity!

  • Stay virtually connected

Catch up with your friends online through video calls, voice calls, or text messages. Stay connected with family and friends to help you do better in the academic aspect of your life. Work and study aren’t everything. We can’t meet our friends or family like we used to before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t check up on them, hang out with them over virtual coffee dates, or make distant memories with them.

The more you isolate yourself, the lower your productivity will be. Maintaining your social life through digital means doesn’t make your friendships or relationships less meaningful; in fact, it helps you cope better with the COVID situation.

The bottom line

Now that you know some of the best ways to stay productive, follow these tips, and gain your first step today in making the most out of this quarantine!

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