What’s New in FFXIV 6.1 Update

Your journey hasn’t ended just yet!

Endwalker may have closed the game’s main storyline, but your hero’s adventures don’t need to end. There are still more things to enjoy, raids to run, and FFXIV Gil to farm! Read on for everything that’s coming up in FFXIV’s 6.1 update.

A Newfound Adventure

As things settle after the events of Endwalker, the Warrior of Light turns back to everyday adventuring. The trailer and update page remains vague about the true nature of this upcoming questline. Still, you know that it’s going to be anything but ordinary.

Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria

If you thought the expansion’s trial was difficult, Ensinger’s Aria puts it to shame. This is a more challenging trial to attempt, and it will test even the staunchest of players. Completing this trial will entitle the FFXIV account holders to some bragging rights and whatever items they get.

Myths of the Realm, Part 1

Long ago in Eorzea, people once worshiped a pantheon of twelve gods. The identities of these gods have been forgotten through time. However, a request from a mysterious person would set you on the path to the heart of this myth.

While not much has been said about this raid, you can glimpse some snippets and scenes from the trailer. You might encounter what looks like a giant that wields a hammer and possibly a fiery lady among the bosses to fight in this raid.

Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate Raid

It’s described as the Warrior of Light dreaming of an alternate conclusion to the Dragonsong War. The level requirement is at level 90, so it will be a challenge to beat. You’ll have to wear the best equipment and be at the top of your game to successfully defeat it.

New Residential District: The Empyreum

Ishgard’s restoration is in full swing, with another residential district opening up for players. The first round of sales will be distributed through a lottery. Aspiring landowners should visit the desired property’s plaque if they want to join the draw.

Snippets of More to Come!

A new Unreal Challenge is coming. It concerns the empire’s Ultima Weapon, which means players can expect this to be a difficult challenge.

The PvP system gets an upgrade in Crystalline Conflict. It will add new modes to PvP, sure to interest any enthusiast in the feature.

There will also be new side quests to do. Examples include helping Tataru with her business or exploring a mysterious transmission in the logs of the Ragnarok. Hildibrand has also resurfaced and invites the Warrior of Light into another case. The Arkasodara may need your help as well. Lastly, the Ameliance Leveilleur has a favor to ask.

As for other updates, Duty Support will enable solo players to ask for help from NPCs to weather demanding duties. So far, it will be available for the A Realm Reborn content, with additional content being available in future patches.

You’ll also be able to try on clothing from the shop through Dreamfitting. With this feature, you’ll see how the clothing looks on your character before purchasing it. You won’t regret a purchase ever again!

An Adventurer Plate feature will let you introduce yourself in style! There’s also an update to New Game+, allowing you to replay Endwalker’s main scenario and role quests.

A Data Center Travel feature will allow players to roam servers within the same physical data center. They can now visit other Worlds and make friends and alliances with players in that World. Note that this is impossible between regional worlds. For example, you can’t enter a Japanese server when you’re from a North American one.

One last feature is the Unending Codex. It will record your adventures thus far and will always be accessible should you need a refresher. You’ll find all kinds of information on NPCs, quests, and activities you’ve done.

Finally, there’s a slew of new FFXIV items coming in this update. This includes the GARO collaboration, new mounts, minions, and emotes.


There are still many mysteries and plot holes you can explore. Of course, the developers choose when players can explore these loose threads. That means, however, that there is so much content planned

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