Where To Turn In Masterpieces Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can gather up to 48 Masterpiece collectibles to get special rewards and treasures. The awards you receive for completing Masterpiece Collectibles in The Lost Ark will be covered in this tutorial, along with tips on how to get them more regularly.

What Exactly Is Masterpiece In The Lost Ark?

Where To Turn In Masterpieces Lost Ark

There are a total of 49 Masterpieces that may be acquired by players in Lost Ark. a long-forgotten theft of an illustrious antique artwork from the city of Palencia. Its value cannot be determined. Players receive the Proof of Adventure: lost ark masterpieces  Achievement if they collect every Masterpiece.

How Is A Masterpiece Lost Ark Found?

A thorough and methodical search of the great museums and private collections of the world turns out a masterpiece of the lost ark. A list of all the works by the artist in question that are currently known is the first step in the procedure.

Finding any lost or unaccounted-for artworks comes after all the paintings have been located. Finding a lost ark necessitates doing this, even though it might be a challenging and time-consuming task.

There are several methods for finding lost or missing paintings. Searching through historical auction catalogs and records is one strategy. Another is to speak with specialists and art historians who could be aware of previously undiscovered masterpieces.

And last, by looking through the artist’s correspondence and other archives, it is frequently feasible to uncover information regarding missing paintings.

Where To Trade In Masterpieces In Lost Ark

Try to get your masterpiece island lost ark to Sunflower Island once you’ve collected it. You can trade them for rewards by going through an NPC by the name of Alfonso Venice who can be found here. Try to get your Masterpiece to Sunflower Island once you’ve collected it.

Among the rewards is The Soul of Sunflowers Island, 4 Philanthropists’ Caskets, Rune Val, potions, and more. Currently, there are 52 Masterpieces available in the game.

What Are Masterpiece Collectibles In Lost Ark?

The same rules that govern collectibles also govern how masterpieces function. One of the game’s eight unique collectibles is a masterpiece. There are a total of eight separate collectibles.

The Masterpieces are one of the game’s EIGHT collectibles. Through completing missions, Secret Map Dungeons, Adventure Tome, and other activities, you can find these across Lost Ark.

These are a section of the collectibles that are required to finish the game and provide rewards for performing specific tasks. This page lists all of the rewards you earn for accumulating a certain amount of Masterpieces.

Lost Ark Masterpiece Rewards

Where To Turn In Masterpieces Lost Ark

The following benefits are available for a specific quantity of Masterpieces:

Masterpieces Collected Rewards
2x Masterpieces 30x Soul Leaf
4x Masterpieces Emote: Proud
6x Masterpieces Uncommon Card Pack x3
8x Masterpieces Vitality Increase Potion
10x Masterpieces Sunflower Island Soul
12x Masterpieces 20x Eternity Essence
14x Masterpieces Stat Increase Potion
16x Masterpieces 3x Rare Card Pack
18x Masterpieces Structure: Azure Hill
20x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
22x Masterpieces 15x Creation Fragment
24x Masterpieces Conviction
26x Masterpieces Epic Card
28x Masterpieces Structure: By Lantern’s Light
30x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
32x Masterpieces 10x Menelik’s Tome
34x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
36x Masterpieces Wei Card
38x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
40x Masterpieces Title “Art Aficionado”
42x Masterpieces Structure: Divine Protection
44x Masterpieces Judgment
46x Masterpieces Guardian Luen Card
48x Masterpieces Greatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime

How To Get Masterpieces In Lost Ark

The ways to obtain each kind of masterpiece lost ark are outlined below.


  • Sunflower Island – Artist in Residence – Masterpiece No. 1
  • Liebeheim’s 13th masterwork, Pain to Gain

Una’s Task

  • Zhong Hills Una’s Task: The Cursed Ruins, Masterpiece No. 9
  • 10th masterpiece: Wavestrand Port Task for Una: Managing the Port
  • Masterpiece No. 18 – Karlhertz Una’s Mission: Prisoner Release
  • 19th masterpiece: Freedom Island The archaeologist’s request is Una’s task.
  • 28th masterwork, Cradle of the Sea The mission of Fermata Una: Fermata’s True Manager
  • 48th Masterpiece: Star Sand Beach Una’s Assignment


  • Piece of Art #3: Island Token x 30
  • 11th masterpiece: 24 World Tree Leaf
  • Piece of Art No. 21: Giant’s Heart x 9
  • Island Token x55, piece of art no.
  • 23rd masterwork: Sea Bounties x 30
  • Piece of Art No. 32: 950 Mokoko Seeds
  • Piece of Art No. 33: Giant’s Heart x 11
  • Island Token x75 is the 38th masterwork.
  • Sea Bounties, Masterpiece No. 39, x38
  • Piece of Art No. 44: 1150 Mokoko Seeds


  • Cube, Masterpiece No. 14
  • 15th masterpiece: Silent Hall
  • Shadespire Floor 25, LVL 440, is the seventeenth masterwork.
  • Cube, Masterpiece No. 24
  • 25th Masterpiece: Silent Hall
  • 35th Masterpiece: Silent Hall
  • 36th Masterpiece: Elite Cube
  • 40th Masterpiece: Elite Cube
  • 41st Masterpiece: Silent Hall
  • 45th Masterpiece: Dimension Cube
  • 46th masterwork: Hall of the Sun


  • Stronghold Merchant Illayne’s Raid Seal, Masterpiece No. 2, x4,275
  • Blackfang’s Den Navigator Rosa, Masterpiece # 12, Gienah’s Coin, x3,600
  • Masterpiece # 20 – Starlight Isle Merchant Favreau – Gienah’s Coin x3,300
  • New Veronese Exploration Ship, Masterpiece #27, 10,000 pirate coins
  • Atropos Black Merchant (Hidden Area) – Pirate Coin x30,000, Masterpiece No. 34

Adventure Time

  • 50% East Luterra Adventure Tome completion on Masterpiece #4
  • 50% Tortoyk Adventure Tome completion on Masterpiece #5
  • 50% completion of the Anikka Adventure Tome, Masterpiece #6
  • 50% North Vern Adventure Tome completion on Masterpiece #7
  • 80% completion of Masterpiece #8’s Shushire Adventure Tome
  • 40% of the Rohendel Adventure Tome’s masterpieces have been completed.
  • 40% Yorn Adventure Tome completion on Masterpiece # 31
  • 40% Felton Adventure Tome completion on Masterpiece #37
  • 40% Punika Adventure Tome completion on Masterpiece #43

Secret Map

  • Any Chaos Gate – Secret Map is Masterpiece #16.
  • Yorn Chaos Gate: Secret Map and higher, Masterpiece #26
  • Felton Chaos Gate: Secret Map and higher, Masterpiece #42
  • Punica Chaos Gate: Secret Map and higher, Masterpiece #47


  • Caucasus Rapport Trusted Stage, Masterpiece #29

 Masterpiece Collection Tips And Tricks

Where To Turn In Masterpieces Lost Ark

There are numerous masterpieces lost ark to acquire, and doing so will take a lot of time. Sunflower Island Token and Artist’s Treasure Chest are the useful gifts you receive for completing the Masterpiece.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time playing the game, opt for these two Masterpiece awards because these are the only two useful ones. But these are the essential Masterpieces if you want to complete the game at 100%.

As you advance in the game, the masterpiece collection lost ark will keep coming your way. These don’t require a lot of grinding, so keep enjoying the game. The simplest ways to acquire them are by finishing Unai’s tasks and the Secret Maps you obtain from Chaos Gate.

You can get the Masterpieces quickly if you consistently do these things. Additionally, advancing through the Adventure Tomes will net you a lot of excellent Masterpieces. These require a small amount of your time and may be accomplished between other duties.

Masterpiece Acquisition

There are a total of 49 Classics available to players in lost ark new vernese exploring ship a long-forgotten theft of a venerable piece of artwork from Pleccia, the city. Its worth cannot be calculated. Members receive the Proof of Excursion: Masterpiece Achievement if they gather all Masterpieces.

Initial Group Of Ten Works Of Art

1st- finish the Sunflower Island quest for the Artist in Residence.

2nd – Traded for 4,275 Raid Seal with Stronghold Merchant Elayne.

3rd – Receive 30 Island Tokens.

4th – Adventure Tome in East Luterra is almost finished.

5th – Adventure Tome in Tortoyk is 50% complete.

6th – Adventure Tome in Anikka is 50% complete.

7st-The North Vern Adventure Tome is 50% finished.

8th – The Adventure Tome in Shushire is 40% complete.

9th – Complete Una’s Task The Cursed Ruins in Ozhorn Hill’s Reputation requirement.

10th – Complete the Wavestrand Port’s Running the Port task’s reputation criteria.

10 Other Masterpieces

11th – Collect 30 World Tree Leaves.

12th – Traded with Navigator Rosa for 3600 Gienah’s Coin in Blackfang’s Den.

13th – Finish the Liebeheim Pain to Gain quest.

14th – Achieved by any Cube.

15th – Achieved through any Boss Rush.

16th: Accessed via any Chaos Secret Gate Map.

17th: Needs ilvl 440 to obtain; must reach Floor 25 of Shadespire.

18th – Finish the Kalthertz Prisoner Release task’s reputation criterion.

19th: In Freedom Isle, finish the Reputation requirement of Una’s task, An Archaeologist’s Request.

masterpiece 20 lost ark  Traded with Favreau in Starlight Isle for 3,300 Gienah’s Coin.

Lost Ark’s Third Batch Of Ten Masterpieces

21st – Collect 9 Giants’ Hearts.

22nd – Acquire 55 Island Tokens.

23rd: Acquire 30 sea bounty points.

24th – Achieved by any Cube.

25th – Acquired by any boss Rush. 

26th – Obtained through Yorn’s Chaos Secret Gate Map & higher.

27th – Traded for 10,000 Pirate Coins with New Vernese Exploring Ship.

28th – Finish Una’s Task Fermata’s True Manager’s Reputation Requirement in Cradle of the Sea Fermata.

29th – Reach the Trusted Stage with Calvasus’ Rapport.

30th – The Adventure Tome in Rohendel is 40% complete.

The Fourth Group Of Ten Masterpieces

31st – 40% completion of the Adventure Tome in Yorn.

32nd: Collect 950 Mokoko Seeds.

33rd – Collect 11 Giant Hearts.

masterpiece 34 lost ark Traded for 30,000 Pirate Coins with Atropos Black Merchant.

35th – Achieved through any Boss Rush.

36th – Elite Cube or higher required.

37th – 40% of the Felton Adventure Tome has been completed.

38th: Receive 75 Island Tokens.

39th – Collect 38 Sea Bounties.

40th – Elite Cube or higher required.

The Last Group Of Artworks In The Lost Ark

41st – Achieved through any Boss Rush.

42nd – Accessed via Feiton’s Chaos Secret Gate Map and higher.

43rd – 40% of the Punica Adventure Tome has been completed.

44th: Collect 1150 Mokoko seeds.

45th – Acquired by Dimension Cube.

46th – Acquired by Hall of the Sun Boss Rush.

47th – Accessed via Punika’s Chaos Secret Gate Map, and higher.

48th – Complete the Relaxing Hot Springs Part-Time Job at Stars and Beach’s Reputation criterion.

49th – South Vern Adventure Tome is 60% complete.

50th – Complete the Candaria Estate South Vern Una’s Task Unfinished Journey Reputation requirement.

51st – Acquired with the Chaos Secret Gate Map of South new Bernese exploring ship.

52nd: Advance Neria’s Relationship to a Trusted Level

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Where can I exchange island tokens in Lost Ark?

Ans. You must go to Opher, the Lonely Island, to exchange any Island Tokens you may have. An NPC will introduce the Island Token mechanic to you when you get to Opher. Additionally, a personal Island Token will be given to you.

Q2. Where do I take island souls in Lost Ark?

Ans. On Opher, the Lonely Island, there is a statue where players can exchange Island Soul Points.

Q3. What are the collectibles of Lost Ark?

Ans. You can gather Lost Ark Collectibles for rewards everywhere across Artesia. These objects come in a variety of shapes, from the heart of giants to unborn Mokoko children (Mokoko Seeds). Additionally, each Roster only needs to have them collected once. Therefore, there is no need to worry about collecting them with your alts more than once.

Q4. “How To Complete The Lost Ark Quest A Little Lively Music

Ans. The Revely Row island, which is south of the Vern continent, is the location of this cooperative quest. Players are required to “perform interesting music” on the dance floor in the island’s center to start it off, which happens every thirty minutes. The description of this quest has a flaw in that it does not define what “performing thrilling music” actually entails.

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