Why Btobet partnered with gamification specialist incentive games?

Btobet is a gaming and sports betting gaming industry. It is offering a standalone i gaming and sportsbook platform and services. Bot bet allows licenses to be unique in the market, which provides the opportunity to completely personalize their offers for sports betting and gaming business.

Its platform, Neuron gaming platform allows you to manage the operation very easily without any compromises to make. It has become one of the most trusted gaming platforms and is user friendly and has provided over 8000 plus games with 100 plus gaming providers.

Recently it has been seen that Btobet has been partnering with a lot of other gaming companies to come up with different types of games and gaming ideas so as to increase its reach worldwide. Recently the news came up that Btobet has partnered with the gamification specialist Incentive games.


Incentive games is a Free to play or paid to play game developer. It has been in news for some time as it came into a contract with BtoBet to provide its gaming platform with a player-centered content. the main content includes paid to play virtual sports games. virtual games became an integral part of Btobet’s portfolio and it is mainly developed to gain an audience from the markets of Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Incentive games have made a huge success in developing games for the regions where cellular data costs a lot and is still a barrier to the gaming world.

 The games developed by them are also optimized for opera mini extreme. The games are also developed based on the appeal they provide to the player and are designed in such a way that the game will strike the players who are usually not drawn towards Casino in real life. 

As the game provides additional revenues in regions where live sports is very limited.

With the best games developed by Incentive games and the best gaming platform provided by Btobet, they are going to make huge success in targeted regions. John Gordon, CEO of Incentive games also added ” we are very thankful to be in partnership with Btobet, a very strong and developed platform with a strong foothold in core markets of Latin America, Africa, and Europe and we also believe that our games will be just as popular with Btobet customers as it was before. we view a very strong and long term relationship with Btobet”.

Sabrina Solda, Btobet’s Chief Marketing Officer said that they are very much pleased to be in partnership with Incentive games as it will enable them to target a much wider audience through their P2P and F2P gaming concept and will provide players with a more appealing format of games by fulfilling all the requirements in almost every market scenario.

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