Why Virtual Home Tours Are More Popular Than In-person Viewing

With virtual reality expected to grow yearly, it’s no wonder that we’re starting to see virtual technology in every place of the world. Digital has even changed how real estate agents do their marketing and overall business. The pandemic gave digital staging and virtual tours a boost but either way, these tools are here to stay. They are actually incredibly useful and you can learn more about how an award-winning digital staging team applies them.

Why Buyers and Sellers Prefer Digital Staging and Virtual Tours 

Real estate agents gains from digital staging and virtual tours because it gives them more online marketing tools. So, let’s review how the end customers feel about these tools, as detailed below:

  • View from the comfort of your own home
  • Attract more buyers organically
  • Save time and costs
  • No technical skills needed

View from the Comfort of your own Home

We all enjoy getting a bit of a heads up before we go and buy something. That’s true when it comes to the property because it’s a large investment. The more research we can do from home then the more ready we feel when we finally go and view properties in person. finding homes for sale in Olive Branch Digital staging and virtual tours are a great medium to give a sense of what a property feels like. People can easily connect with the photos of virtually staged rooms.

The same concept applies when searching for virtual staging services. Virtual tours and staged photos give you a good idea of the style and approach of any virtual home staging company. Then it’s a question of asking them about their virtual staging solutions and comparing across perhaps two or three. Although, it’s also useful asking your real estate agent for referrals.

Attract more Buyers Organically 

When you’re selling a property, your real estate agent will make sure it’s put up in listings. They will then also spread the word through their networks. Also, digital staging and virtual tours mean that you can use social media and your real estate agent’s website. Suddenly, you’ve grown your research when virtually staging your home because you’re now also tapping into online traffic.

Social media shares can also help you get some organic traffic. For example, you’re now also reaching out to people you would never have normally been able to before. People who want to relocate and can’t visit in person, now have a chance with your property.

Virtual Home

Save Time and Costs 

Of course, interested buyers finding homes for sale in Olive Branch will still want to visit a property in person at some point. Nevertheless, virtual staging allows you to cut out all those potential buyers who aren’t committed. You can now focus on those who have a real interest in your property.  

Staging is a good strategy to sell properties because an empty room looks cold and unimaginative. On the other hand, staged photos with physical or virtual furniture look welcoming and alive. The question then becomes whether you choose digital or conventional staging. Remember though that digital staging costs on average 20 to 50 dollars per image. In contrast, traditional staging tends to cost thousands of dollars. Furthermore, it’s much easier doing virtual floor plans at the same cost per photo rather than having designers create physical ones. This gives you another opportunity for showcasing the potential of your property.

No Technical Skills Needed 

The great news about digital staging and virtual tours is that you don’t have to understand the virtual staging software behind it all. A virtual staging company will do everything for you whether you need furniture removal or furniture replacement. It’s worth pointing out though that you can also stage your photos yourself with a virtual staging app. Having said that, don’t forget that the best virtual staging companies give you tailored advice about what’s going to work for your target buyers. From this, they can then create an awesome virtual tour specifically for you.

How to Get the Best Digital Staging and Virtual Tours 

Every virtual staging company will do things slightly differently. The best virtual staging companies are ones that understand both the technology and interior design. They know how to blend fashion with tech such that you get something that looks realistic and professional. The virtual staging team will know how to advise you but here are some tips to look out for when choosing your ideal company to work with:

  • Use bright lighting throughout
  • Emphasize any special features
  • Optimize for both computer and mobile viewing

Essentially, you want to make your virtual staging and tours look awesome but realistic so that people aren’t disappointed when they visit in person. Just as for real photos, make sure the lighting is as close to daylight as possible and that you show off any special features. Your virtual staging company will know how to use the angles of a room but you know your property best. Where’s the cute alcove or interesting window seat, for instance? It’s also a good idea to show any outside space as this will help give you more of a wow factor.

Last but not least, people are increasingly using their mobiles to do their research and to view videos. It’s therefore important that your virtually staged photos and virtual tour can be easily watched on both computers and mobiles. Naturally, your virtual staging company will know how to do this though. Either way, this is also why it’s a good idea to work with the experts rather than try to DIY unless you’re a digital proof course.

Virtual Home Tours

Parting words on Digital Staging and Virtual Tours 

Digital tools make our lives easier in so many ways. When it comes to properties, people can easily create their shortlist from the comfort of their own homes. Simply make sure you get the best virtual staging company you can so that your property stands out from the rest. The good news is that virtual staging is highly cost-effective so you actually have very little to lose.

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