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Xbox One X Collaborates With Wonder Woman 1984 For New Designs




The collaboration between Xbox One and Wonder Woman 1984 is generating all kinds of reactions and curious looks. The new designs are very eye-catching and mix the Microsoft console with the theme of DC’s Amazon.

It’s not every day that new console designs are released and the merger between the Xbox brand and Wonder Woman 1984 is one of those that nobody expected and that has managed to capture the interest of many collectors when they see the daring designs of Xbox One X.

Wonder Woman 1984 premieres on October 2 and after seeing the latest trailer, fans are eager to see what the feature film will be like as a sequel to the heroine’s story. As part of a special promotion, Xbox has released three designs for its most powerful console.

These three models of Xbox One X can not be obtained in the normal way. All have a series of characteristics and a single way of obtaining it. Next, we leave you with the description of each model and how it can be achieved.

Xbox One X Collaborates With Wonder Woman 1984 For New Designs
Xbox One X Collaborates With Wonder Woman 1984 For New Designs

Xbox One X Wonder Woman Golden Armor: Based on the pristine armor Wonder Woman wears in the movie, this custom console is completely handcrafted from 24-karat gold leaf.

Xbox One X Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth: The design is inspired by the tool that Wonder Woman uses in the movie.

Xbox One X Barbara Minerva: Focusing on depicting the punk rock style of Wonder Woman’s arch-nemesis, this custom console features snakeskin and faux leopard skin pattern.

The Golden Armor edition will be auctioned for charity purposes for the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, CARE, and Entertainment Industry Foundation, which fight to provide solutions and protect victims of gender violence.

For its part, Lazo de la Verdad can only be achieved by participating in a raffle that has been launched on Twitter and will end on September 17. On the other hand, Xbox One X Barbara Minerva has not specified how it can be obtained, being a furious fan could be one of the conditions.


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