Xbox Series X Launched In November But Without Halo Infinite

Xbox Series X keeps its date for this year to be released in November with thousands of super exciting games from past generations and more than 100 exciting games optimized for Xbox Series X. but without Halo, and almost without exclusives.

Despite the blow of Halo Infinite’s delay to 2021 to an undetermined date, Microsoft is moving ahead with the launch of Xbox Series X this year. further confirming that it will be released in November, as the latest rumors suggested.

And in a new Xbox Wire post, the company confirms that there will be plenty to play on Xbox Series X ahead of Halo Infinite’s release. There will be thousands of games available, as Xbox Series X will be backward compatible with all previous Xbox, that is, 4 long generations of consoles in almost two decades.

However, the new releases of these months, optimized for Xbox Series X will be the main asset of the console. There are more than 50 games planned for this year, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Dirt 5, Gears Tactics, Yakuzal Like a Dragon, or Watch Dogs Legion.

Xbox Series X Launched In November But Without Halo Infinite
Xbox Series X Launched In November But Without Halo Infinite

Also, more than 40 games of Xbox One, like Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4, 5 Gears, Ori, and the Will of the Wisps. will also be available from launch, optimized to get the most out of the console, with frame rates of 60 or up to 120 fps in some cases such as Ori, 4K resolution, Direct X-ray tracing to improve visual effects, Quick Resume to be able to load them instantly.

To which must be added the games included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Of course, most are games that will also be available on Xbox One or PC as would have been the case with Halo Infinite as well. The only Xbox Series X exclusive games other than PC he mentions are The Medium, Scorn, or Tetris Effect Connect. In Scorn’s case, it has no date yet …

However, the absence of a heavyweight like Halo Infinite, by far the most promoted game by Microsoft for its new console so where it would reach resolutions of 120 fps is a very important blow for Series X, which will be launched without the support of a great exclusive with which to motivate players to make the generational leap. Also, we still do not know its price.

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