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Xbox’s Phil Spencer Reflects Over The Console War




Phil Spencer has repeatedly demonstrated his knowledge of the video game industry. The main person in charge of Xbox is also an avid player, who has managed to place the brand is an excellent moment, before the launch of the new generation console Xbox Series X.

Just yesterday we echoed a letter to users in which it declared that the xCloud cloud gaming system would be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users at no additional cost, and today it delves into a more delicate subject, the war of consoles.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Spencer sums up his vision of this clash between Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo, and PC Switch, and again, gives a lesson in how the industry behaves.

Firstly, he acknowledges that aggressive and toxic behaviors about console warfare are not a new thing and that they have become more intense as the launch of the new generation machines approaches: PS5 and Xbox Series X. But Spencer He also stresses that it is time to leave it behind.

Xbox's Phil Spencer Reflects Over The Console War
Xbox’s Phil Spencer Reflects Over The Console War

In his own words, “The idea that for the industry to grow some companies must succeed and others must fail does not help video games reach their full potential.” And then, it is the person in charge of Xbox who leaves his vision about the future of the industry “we should be aimed at making video games as an industry grow, so that creator can take greater risks.

When a great game goes on sale, we should applaud it, be it for PC, for PlayStation, or for Nintendo Switch. “

In the same interview, he declares that he cannot imagine executives from major Hollywood studios rejoicing that the projects of other producers fail.

 “If we are going to invest energy, let’s do it in those things instead of” my piece of plastic is better than your piece of plastic. “Judgment that” I don’t think that’s a productive conversation. “

Next week, Thursday the 23rd, we will be able to enjoy a new streaming show focused on the “first party” games of Xbox Series X.  The presentation will take place on  Thursday, July 23 at 6:00  p.m. Spanish time, and will last in around 1 hour.

 It can be seen on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and  YouTube, at 1080px and 60 fps (later, it will be uploaded to 4K). During the presentation, there will be no hardware details, just images of new titles and updates of others that we already knew.

For further updates, stay tuned and keep reading nintendoinquirer“.


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